Amazon announces a new intelligent Alexa security camera called Cloud Cam

Amazon has just announced the Cloud Cam, a new security camera that works with Alexa and can be viewed live through Fire TVs, Fire tablets, Echo Shows, and through mobile apps for iOS and Android. The camera also uses computer vision powered by Amazon’s cloud servers to intelligently detect people and objects, send you smart notifications, and it promises to expand on those capabilities over time.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a 1080p full HD indoor security camera. It has a 120-degree wide angle lens and eight infrared LEDs that give it night vision. On board is a microphone and speaker that provide two-way audio, allowing you to speak through the camera using the mobile app, the Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

Included with the camera is free cloud video storage for the last 24 hours and basic motion detection. When the camera sees activity, it will store a clip in the cloud and send you a notification. The free cloud plan supports up to 3 cameras and there are paid plans for additional days of storage, support for more cameras, and more intelligent features.

For now, the additional intelligent cloud features you get for subscribing to a paid plan include person detection, zones, and unlimited sharing. Person detection knows the difference between motion caused by a person versus motion from a pet or object and will only notify you if a person is detected if you’d like. Zones allow you to indicate certain areas of the camera’s view where motion should be ignored, like for a ceiling fan or a window. Unlimited sharing allows you to download clips from the cloud and allows you to share access to them with others.

You must subscribe to a paid plan to get any of the intelligent features and all plans include access to all features. A Basic plan costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year ($13.98 savings) and bumps the cloud video storage from 24 hours to 7 days. The Extended plan is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year ($19.89 savings) and includes 14 days of storage for up to 5 cameras. The Pro plan is $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year ($39.89 savings) and includes 30 days of storage for up to 10 cameras.

All paid plans are free to try for 30 days. Amazon says that “over time you will see more advanced detection, alerts, and other new features become available” at no additional cost. Advanced audio alerts and pet detection are two of the features that are in the works but won’t be ready at launch.

The Cloud Cam can be placed freestanding on a surface or mounted to a wall via an included mounting kit. It does not have any waterproofing so it is strictly an indoor camera. It connects via 802.11g/n WiFi and is powered by a USB cable and 5 watt wall adapter.

The Cloud Cam is available to preorder now for $119.99 and will be released on November 8th. You can save $40 when you buy two for $199.99 using promo code 2CLOUDCAM, or save $70 when you buy three for $289.99 using promo code 3CLOUDCAM.

Amazon is also offering the Cloud Cam bundled with a smart lock for $249.99 as part of a new service called Amazon Key that allows couriers to deliver packages in your home.

  1. Erin says:

    Apparently this is also part of Amazon’s in-home delivery service for Prime members, Amazon Key. You can also pick up the Cloud Cam as part of a package for Amazon key that also includes a smart lock for $249.99.

    Amazon Key:

  2. PS says:

    I really hope they come out with an outdoor version! We have been building out our amazon/Alexa echo, fire tv etc systems across the house and that is the last piece.

    I’m sure there will be higher end gear out there, but amazon is striking a great balance between function, feature and price.

  3. TP says:

    Curious if this will replace/supplant the echo look. Just got my invitation for the look today and was considering getting it, until I saw this post.

    Elias, I read your review of the look when it first published, and you seemed like you’d probably recommend it vs not. Having had it for some time, do you still feel the same way?

  4. HisMajesty says:

    other cameras do the same and let you save videos notifications on micro SD card to avoid these stupid monthly expensive cloud plans . and you can still view the history / notifications from any where any time .

    this looks like a way to make people pay subscription. sad

    I have Visio outdoor / indoor cameras and they work with Alexa and amazon fire tv

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