Amazon and NBCUniversal team up for a new 2022 Winter Olympics Hub on Fire TVs

Amazon, with the help of NBCUniversal, has added a new hub on Fire TVs to serve as a one-stop place for all 2022 Winter Olympic coverage. The new hub can be found in your list of apps and will be available between now and February 20th. In it, you’ll find shortcuts that take you directly into Olympic sections and content within NBCUniversal’s various apps, like Peacock and NBC Sports. In addition to the new hub, there is also now a row on the home screen that lists Olympic content that is currently live. If you’re not interested in the new hub, you can always highlight it, press the menu button on your remote, and select to hide it.

  1. Mike says:

    Just hide it? Isn’t there some way to delete it?

    • There really isn’t anything to delete. This isn’t a separate app. It’s more like a new section of the Launcher. When you navigate around the Home screen and the various tabs, you’re just flipping through the Launcher’s various screens/sections. This hub is just an extra screen/section that you can access that will go away when the Olympics are over.

  2. Zeric says:

    These Olympic shortcuts are only on actual Fire TVs, that is TVs with the Fire functionality built-in. They do not appear on external HDMI connected Fire streaming devices like the Fire Stick 4K.

    Weird, why wouldn’t they have them on all Fire streaming devices?

    • Mike says:

      I’ve got a Fire Stick 4K and it shows up in my list of apps. It’s not on the initial list of the homescreen, but in the list of apps and channels. But, no choice to uninstall it, just move it or hide it.

      Though, I don’t have a row on the homescreen about Olympic content. Just an entry on the carousel.

      • Mike says:

        Correction – I just found the row about Olympic content. It was the 1st row below the recently used apps.

        • Zeric says:

          I can confirm that the row is now appearing on the Fire Stick 4K. When I wrote the original comment, that row did not exist on the Fire Stick 4K, only on the Fire TV. Apparently they updated it.

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