Amazon and NBC Sports to launch new live sports hub on Fire TV for the Olympics

Amazon has announced a new hub for live sports coming to the Fire TV home screen. While it’s technically for “sports biggest stage,” this is clearly meant to be for the Olympics, since it goes live July 22, a day before the Summer Olympics start, and will be available for 17 days. The hub is intended to make it simpler to access live streaming sporting events as well as on-demand replays.

Once launched, the hub will feature a row where you’ll be able to find a list of “the most talked-about moments and replays” from the Olympics. This row will be powered by the NBC Sports app. Amazon says the row will be “frequently refreshed with new content” so you may not need to dig through the NBC Sports app to see what’s happening. There will also be a row for original documentaries from Red Bull TV that profile top athletes and how they prepared for the Olympics. You’ll also be able to find sports-themed TV shows and movies.

To fully access the content in the hub, you’ll need a subscription to either NBC Sports, Peacock, SLING TV, YouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV. The NBC Sports app will grant free access for 30-minutes initially and then allow for an additional 5-minutes per day for each subsequent day.

  1. Red says:

    I’m guessing that like in years past NBC various channels coverage of sailing will be scant & miserable and I will be firing up the UK VPN & turning to the excellent BBC coverage.

    • letour_001 says:

      Just checked in the SAILING section of NBCSports app and on Peacock and they are showing ten (10) sailing events scheduled for the 25th and 26th. I don’t know if that is scant or not, but they is some coverage.

      • Red says:

        Once again I will check it out but by the time they cut it up with commercials and prerecorded puff pieces, “highlights” compilations and inane “explainer” pieces the actual racing is barely there. It has been maddeningly awful in the past. My pain threshold is pretty minimal.

        By contrast w/BBC you can skip all that, just watch the feeds from the course and on boat cams. You can actually mute the commentator and get audio solely from on board mics (THAT is such a GREAT feature on the 2 person boats). Oh and no commercial breaks in the middle of a race feed.

        During the 2012 London Olympics I put it up on a TV in USA at a sailing center from my computer and people were blown away. To this day they still comment that they will be watching BBC sailing coverage again. There happened to be a member who was an employee of NBC, he expressed his objection & was not amused when he heard people’s comments. The membership (politely) told him to shut up, leave if he didn’t like it and come back when NBC has coverage even close to as good as what they were watching.

  2. maurice says:

    will itbe availble inuk

  3. letour_001 says:

    I wonder why the delay until July 22nd for active hub on Fire TV? The Roku OLYMPICS HUB is active now. There are three (3) softball games airing tonight and various Softball games and Women’s soccer matches on tomorrow.

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