Amazon Alexa likely launching in the UK on September 14th


Amazon has sent out invitations to a mysterious event on September 14th to UK publications. If you ask Alexa what’s happening on that date, she responds with “I promised I wouldn’t tell, but a visit to London has always been on my bucket list.” While that isn’t confirmation of Alexa finally becoming available in the UK on that date, it’s pretty telling. There’s no clue whether we can expect any new Amazon devices that day, or if the existing Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap will become available in the UK that day. Hopefully, at the very least, Alexa in all UK Fire TVs will come alive that day, since the hardware is identical to US Fire TVs, which have had Alexa for nearly a year.

  1. Dan says:

    About time too, thanks for the tip Elias!

  2. Mark says:

    Oohh I’ve been waiting to try Alexa on my first gen Fire TV. I was thinking if they will announce a new Fire TV too but rumours seem to point to October for that. Not that I need an upgrade, need a 4K TV first!

  3. Anthony Smith says:

    There is a cool video on where they ask Alexa what she is doing on the 14th of September. It seem’s to all but confirm it’s arrival in the U.K. at last.

  4. Blasq says:

    Hope it will arrive to UK.
    Question for US users -did stripe PRIME dissapeared from prime movies and tv series in US as it did in UK? I did notice this yesterday. Makes everything confusing.

  5. boudyka says:

    Bit of a clue from Alexa Developers news later

    Smart Home Summit 2016 | September 21, 9:15–9:35 a.m. GMT
    London, United Kingdom

    Join Charlie Kindel, Director, Amazon Alexa Smart Home on the opening day of this two-day event as he discusses Alexa’s integration with emerging technologies behind home automation at this event focused on the impact of IoT on homes, cities, and industries.


    Meetup @Button Factory Dublin | September 6, 6:00 p.m. IST
    Dublin, Ireland

    Join fellow developers as they discuss building voice experiences for services and devices with Amazon Alexa, Members of the new Dublin Amazon Alexa Developers User Group are invited to attend this launch event.

  6. Moe says:

    I have been wondering when this would happen. I just splashed out on a new Harmony Elite which lets me control everything including the Fire TV but looks like I can’t put the remote away if voice search is about to become some much more useful.

  7. boudyka says:

    @moe don’t mate, your logitech elite is your friend still, checkout

    Basically with the Alexa like Siri you can control all you entertainment devices through the Harmony Hub keeping the remotes in sync when you can’t be bothered to raise your voice.

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