Amazon adds the ability to block specific contacts from calling and messaging your Alexa devices

When Amazon added the ability to send and receive calls and messages through Alexa devices last month, they did not include a key component, which was the ability to block certain people from calling or messaging you. They have now corrected that misstep through the most recent update of the Alexa app. Now, if you go to the contacts section of the Alexa app, at the bottom is a new “Block Contacts” option. When selected, you’re given the option to block specific contacts on your contact list from calling and messaging you. The new Alexa app, with the new blocking option, seems to only be released to iOS devices at the moment, but I’m sure Android devices will gain the new app with this new ability soon.

SourceThe Verge

  1. Randy says:

    But… You will have to first add the unwanted person to your contacts in order to block them from calling you. I find the whole Cell Phone Contact list way of getting your list in to alexa very cumbersome and a slap in the face to people that do not want a cell phone. I had to buy a cell phone JUST to get my own devices in my own home to work like an intercom system. This seems crazy but the whole calling/intercom system currently can not be set up without a Active Cell Phone!!!

  2. Itzme says:

    Where is the Contacts section of the Alexa app? How do I navigate to that area?

    • Randy says:

      There is no Alexa App Contacts section. That is the big issue. The Alexa App will pull your Contacts in from your Cell Phone’s current contacts. If you add or change your cell phone’s contacts you will have to go to the Alexa App on that cell phone, sign out of the Alexa App and sign back in to the Alex App and then, and only then, will Alexa re-copy your cell phones list in to its list. You can not see, or update the Alexa List as it is all internal and can only be updated using the above method.

  3. Richard says:

    They should allow for the contact not to be uploaded in the first place.

  4. Ganef says:

    IOS only, should be included in the headline.
    With all the Android users out there needlessly reinstalling the app.

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