Amazon adds several new Clock Face Themes to the Echo Spot — Here are all of them

Amazon has pushed an update to the Amazon Echo Spot that has added several new clock face themes. These control what the Echo Spot looks like when it’s just sitting there not responding to a request. The update also added the option to select a 24-hour clock. Here are all the clock face themes that are now available.

Note: When selected, the clock face theme takes up the entire screen and does not leave a blue-black border. These photos were taken on the configuration screen. The clock faces are also much more vivid and sharper than they appear in these photos.



  1. cheryl jones says:

    how do you change to 24hr time. Thanks

  2. cheryl jones says:

    Perfect thank you

  3. SCP says:

    I need to update firmware/ software

  4. Jason says:

    I just received my Echo Spot today but cannot get the 24 hour time format.
    I see it shows that the choice is in the: last option in the “Home & Clock” menu in the Echo Spot’s settings.

    When I go to this menu all I have to choose from is:
    1. Theme
    2. Home Card Preferences
    3. Night Mode

    Is there supposed to be other options? If so How do I get them?

  5. Robin says:

    Is there a way to suggest a clockface? I’d love a digital clockface that reflects the current weather conditions, or an analog/digital hybrid to help young children (or adults) learn how to read an analog clockface.

  6. C Passman says:

    Just installed my new Echo Spot today. Noticing that gone are Analog and Digital options for clock face selection. What am I missing or doing wrong?

    • Leanne says:

      Likewise – where is the digital option

      • Doug says:

        I received mine yesterday and was also missing the “themes” button that allows you to choose analog v digital.
        I spoke to Amazon and they are sending a replacement unit. Apparently under settings-> clock-> there should be a themes button that allows you to choose

  7. Fred Goslin says:

    Can i edit a digital clock face too move the time display?

  8. Tmeyer says:

    Sadly these all seem to have disappeared in the latest update. Leaving none of the better clock faces available! Silly amazon!

  9. Janet Rodgers says:

    I specifically bought both an Echo Show and an Echo Spot for my 94-year-old mother, to help with her stroke rehab. Now the occupational therapist is recommending a ‘memory clock’, which shows the day, morning or afternoon, time and date. Too bad Amazon doesn’t produce this!

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