Amazon adds new equalizer to Echo speakers

Amazon is adding equalizer settings to their Echo smart speakers. The new options will allow you to control how the audio coming from the speakers will sound by adjusting the bass, treble, and midrange levels. These new equalizer settings are also being opened up to hardware manufacturers, along with new sound modes, to make Alexa-enabled devices easily switch between sound profiles.

You’ll now be able to tell Alexa through an Echo speaker to “turn up the treble” or “set bass to maximum” to adjust the new equalizer. These features are currently rolling out to devices, so they may not be available to everyone just yet.

You’ll be able to control the three bands, Bass, Midrange, and treble, to levels between -6 db and 6 db. By default, all bands are at 0 db, so saying “Alexa, set bass/midrange/treble to zero” will essentially reset the value to where it is out of the factory. You can adjust all bands to a specific level by saying a number between -6 and 6.

These equalizer settings are on a per-device basis and they can also be adjusted through the Alexa app. From the app, go to Settings, select the device, select Sound, and you’ll find an Equalizer menu with sliders for the three available bands. The Amazon Echo Show, and likely the Echo Spot, will also be able to adjust settings through the touchscreen.

Equalizer settings are also being made available to 3rd-party Alexa-enabled device manufacturers to incorporate into their devices. The Sonos Beam and Polk Command home theater sound bars will be the first such devices to adopt equalizer controls.

Device manufacturers will also have access to various audio modes that can be set by voice as well. The supported modes are Movie, Music, Night, Sport, and TV. The idea is that each mode will adjust equalizer levels to a profile that matches the use case. With the Sonos Beam, for example, saying “Alexa, set night mode” will adjust the sound bar so that loud noises are reduced while speech is increased in order to comfortably watch TV without disturbing others in your home.

These equalizer features are rolling out now. Adjusting the equalizer by voice will only be available in the US initially and will be coming to other countries soon. However, all regions should be able to adjust settings in the app.

  1. tampa8 says:

    Great addition. At one time this was a “hidden” feature that could be done by voice but there was no default. It has not been available for awhile till now, officially.

  2. Dave says:

    Awesome. Showing on the app for 1 of 2 spots so far.

  3. vpasq says:

    Now if only they would incorporate stereo pairing!!! That would be the ultimate and I for one would buy even more Echo speakers!

  4. MICHAEL MC says:

    I guess this feature is rolling out in stages? Equalizer settings are not available in the Alexa app for any of my devices yet. I have a 1st gen Echo and a 2nd gen Echo that will adjust bass by voice control, but I also have a Show, a 2nd gen Dot and 1st gen Echo that tell me “I can’t control EQ on this device.”

  5. Claudio Sergiacomo says:

    Does anybody have gotten that update for the Echo dots ???

  6. Dave says:

    Yes…yesterday..only have one dot.

  7. Claudio sergiacomo says:

    Hello…… I just got the update on my dots but im dissapointed cause i can adjust the Audi o of the interna la speaker of the dog but when I connect my external speaker via analog output, it just doesn’t do anything… is this a stupid limitation for external accessories ?

  8. Bear says:

    That is really cool, works on my echo spot, I always visit your site weekly to get the latest amazon scoops.

    • Claudio Sergiacomo says:

      Hello Bear… did you try ir connecting an external speaker off of the aux analog output to see of the EQ does take effect using that output?

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