Amazon adds free Music Videos and more free News topics to all Fire TVs

Amazon has expanded the free ad-supported content that is available on Fire TVs. It has worked with XITE to release a new Music Videos on Fire TV app that will stream an endless supply of music videos with personalized recommendations, playlists, and unlimited skips. Amazon has also added new free news categories, including business, finance, entertainment, gaming, and esports.

The new music video app is fairly straightforward. You can get to it by saying “Alexa, find Music Videos” or searching for “Music Videos” in the appstore and looking for the app that is titled “Music Videos on Fire TV” from the developer XITE. The app is a simplified version of XITE’s existing app with similar music video capabilities. You can play featured music videos in the new app, search for specific artists, select a genre or choose from over 200 curated playlists.

The other free content can be found scattered around the Fire TV home screen or the “Free” screen, which you can get to through the button on the search screen or through this shortcut app. The new content is an expansion of the Sports News, Movie Trailers, and Cooking Videos that were added to Fire TVs in October. The additional content being added this time, according to Amazon, includes:

  • Business & Finance News: Timely financial insights and analysis from Bloomberg, The Street, CNBC, and other top providers.
  • Entertainment News: Coverage of movies, television, and celebrities from top brands including E! News and Mixible.
  • Gaming News & Esports: Watch game previews and trailers, gaming news, developer interviews, how to’s, esports, and more from providers including IGN, ESTV, and Crown Channel.
  • Viral Videos: Enjoy hilarious and jaw-dropping clips from Always Funny Videos, FailArmy, People Are Awesome, and The Pet Collective.

The easiest way to sport this free ad-supported content from Amazon is to look for rows that have labels that start with “fire tv,” in lowercase letters. This new content is rolling out this week and may not yet be available on all devices.

  1. Mark says:

    Just tried it. I see only 3 reviews. “Unavailable” on my FTV3. Just some screenshots.

  2. RG Geiger says:

    Sweet. Works fine on my ftv cube2.thanks for the heads up!

  3. pafcio110 says:

    Works fine on my ftv cube 2022

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