Amazon adds Baby logging capabilities to Alexa through new Skill API

Amazon has announced the release of a Baby Activity Skill API for Alexa devices. This will allow parents to use natural language with Alexa to log their babies activity through apps and devices. To start off, the API will allow Weight, Sleep, Diaper Change, and Feeding commands.

Since this is a new API, it doesn’t mean that Alexa devices will keep track of baby activity their own. You’ll still need to link Alexa to a supported app or device that will actually do the logging. The API just allows Alexa to understand baby tracking commands, so that it can be a voice interface for the baby apps and devices.

Commands such as “Alexa, track a dirty diaper change for Jane” will be supported. You’ll also be able to retrieve information with commands such as “Alexa, when was Jane’s last diaper change?” Other example commands that Amazon has provided include “Alexa, log a 3 ounce bottle for Jane” and “Alexa, start nursing from the left.”

In addition to announcing the new API, Amazon has invested in the company HatchBaby through their Alexa Fund, according to TechCrunch. Hatch Baby makes the Grow smart changing pad and the Rest sleep regulating night light.

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    ok now this is getting a little too creepy

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