Amazon acquires Indian streaming service MX Player

The rumors were true as Amazon has acquired “key assets” of Indian video streaming service MX Player, as reported by TechCrunch and confirmed by Amazon. Since Amazon is most likely looking to use MX Player TV, the streaming service, to expand its streaming audience, it puts into question the fate of the very popular stand-alone local media player app, MX Player.

Amazon is only acquiring some assets of MX Player, but not the entire firm, according to TechCrunch. That could mean that only the streaming service, MX Player TV, is being acquired. However, TechCrunch also says that the MX Player branding will be retained by Amazon, which could mean that both the streaming service and the stand-alone media player app, MX Player, are heading to Amazon.

While an acquisition by Amazon isn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own, I can’t imagine Amazon has much use for a local media player app like MX Player, which puts its future in question. If the app does head to Amazon, the best you can probably hope for is it remains available with very minimal updates. If it does get shut down by Amazon, you’ll still be able to sideload the latest version and use it as long as it remains functionally relevant. For fans of MX Player, the best case scenario I see is the app remains with parent company Times Internet and gets renamed so that Amazon can retain the streaming service branding.

  1. Norm Manis says:

    Is it the MX player Pro with DTS codecs

  2. Kir says:

    I always use only MX Player:

    version 1.35.4 Mod Lite (SMB client) and 1.36.11 Mod Lite (without SMB)

  3. Manabi says:

    On Android, if you bought the Pro version, it should stay in your library even if Amazon kills the regular version. I have a calendar app, Today Calendar, that no longer shows up on the store at all, even in the listing of all the apps I’ve ever installed, but the pro unlocker still does and can still be downloaded. So MX Player Pro should still hang around, even if it doesn’t get more updates. If you’re interested in keeping MX Player, might be a good idea to pay for the pro version now.

    I have no clue how Apple handles that kind of thing, though.

  4. Rick says:

    I use Just player and like it better than MX

  5. Xix Bei says:

    This was the go to media player use to run pirated streaming app’s movies and tv shows.

  6. Bill says:

    no problem, VLC is much better

  7. Bob says:

    Long live the EUMC player!

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