Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet is on sale for $39.99 [Expired]

Amazon just put their 7″ Fire Tablet on sale for $39.99. Outside of Prime Day and Black Friday, that’s pretty much as low as this tablet gets. If you want double the storage, the 16GB model is also on sale for $59.99, but remember these tablets do have microSD card slots to expand the internal storage. If you’ve got kids, you may want to consider getting the Kids Edition tablet on sale for $79.99 instead. It’s the exact same model as the regular 7″ tablet, but comes with a 2 year worry-free replacement guarantee for when your little one decides it would make a perfect surfboard and cracks the screen. This sale is expected to last through Saturday.

  1. tech3475 says:

    If you deal with Apps, you may still want to go for the 16GB model if only because Apps may not necesserily play well with micro sd e.g. obb data. At least from my general experience with Android (don’t know if Amazon have fixed this in fire os).

    That said, I do have to wonder what the profit margin is on the 16GB model considering the $20 price difference.

    • Ulises A. Rodríguez, Ph.D. says:

      I currently own 2 Amazon Fire,8 HD, one with 16GB and the other with 32GB of internal storage memory, and I also has added a 128GB MicroSD Card to the 16GB model and a 200GB MicroSD Card to the 32GB model.

      I must say that adding an MicroSD Card to these Fire8 Tablets with FireOS, let you move almost 70-80% of the APPs, and also store the 100% of all downloaded movies using the Amazon Video APP!

      Therefore, if you want your Fire8 tablet to work better and much faster, I recommend that you add a MicroSD card of at least 32GB, or if posible 64GB, in order to free up the use of the internal memory of the Tablet.

      The same apply to the Fire7 tablets…

    • JoJetSki says:

      I had the same issue with my Fire HD 10. I moved apps to the SD card and had data corruption and also the Fire Tablet would slow down. It did it both on my mine and my wife’s. I bought my tablets when they were first launch so they may have fixed the probable, but data corruption is too annoying to test for again when the internal memory works fine. I moved the apps back to the internal memory and use the external for movie and music storage. 16 gigs is more than enough for my app needs and putting the media on the external storage has been fine.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Grabbed one of these 7″ Fire tablets on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Alexa Deal thingies… for $33.33 (?) and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Amazon Video allows you to download movies from your Prime Watchlist which is what I did before my flight to Puerto Rico last month. Paired up with some Bluetooth headphones and a couple in flight brewskis, I was happy as a clam. That being said… these have “Special Offers” which means you get annoying ads and notifications on your Lock-Screen which is a shame since the default Lock-Screens are so pretty. You’ll have to pay another $15-20 (?) to turn them off.

  3. craig says:

    Does anyone know on the kids tablet can apps downloaded in freetime be set to download to the sd automatically as this is only an 8gb tablet?

  4. Stank says:

    Same price at Best Buy (Sorry, Elias. I wanted to try to get an older firmware.) Came with v5.3.1.0. Easily rooted with Supertool/Kingroot and installed the Nexus rom. Very happy after the frustrations of bricking my old Fire 5th gen and unsuccessfully obtaining root on the Blu R1 prime phone.

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