Amazon 43in Omni Series 4K Fire TV will be $99.99 during Prime Day but you must request an invitation now

Prime Day this year will be July 11 and 12. As with past big sales, Amazon will, once again, have doorbuster deals that heavily discount Fire TV Smart TVs beyond the usual Prime Day sale prices. The first of those deals that have been revealed is 75% off the 43in Omni Series 4K Fire TV Smart TV which will drop the price from $399.99 to just $99.99. However, instead of just making the deal go live at an arbitrary time and letting it sell out in seconds, like with previous Prime Day doorbuster deals, Amazon is implementing a new invite-only system.

If you want a chance to buy the 43in Omni Series 4K Fire TV for $99.99, you need to head over to the product page and request an invitation. Invitation requests for this deal are already live, as they are for other invite-only deals that will be available for purchase during Prime Day. Amazon says that “members who are selected will be notified during Prime Day with instructions on how to purchase the item at the exclusive deal price.” So be sure to check your email regularly starting July 11 for an invite.

  1. Patrick Power says:

    So you get insider information for the Canadian (or other markets)?
    Usually none of this info is useful to anyone outside USA.
    Would like to see if the tv option and register is available for Canada.

  2. Mark says:

    Well, that sounds like BS to me. So then, if Amazon picks you, you get a TV. IF…No competition, no 1st come 1st served. SMH. Glad as heck I got our TVs last year when it was an actual sale and not this crap.

  3. Mark says:

    ‘Invite Only’…Hell, that isn’t a sale, that’s called dictatorship. WTH is Amazon thinking?!

  4. Remember when says:

    Remember when Amazon banned sub only give aways on twitch? Considering prime is paid and this might be a very low percentage type drawing, its not a lot different if you ask me. Not a good look with the other FTC prime trouble that amazon is in right now.

  5. D Banginn says:

    I wondered how long it would take Amazon to switch to a method that shut out the bots/scripts. I’m totally fine with taking my chances with a lottery that gives everyone who chooses to participate an equal chance at the opportunity. It’s been comically entertaining reading rants all over the internet about it from the entitled and greedy.

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