Amazon is experiencing a server outage affecting Fire TV, Alexa, streaming services, and much more

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud service that power much of the internet, is currently having server issues that are causing outages for and certain Fire TV and Alexa features. Since many third-party services use AWS, like Disney+, so those are also affected. If you’re having issues with your devices or services, don’t bother wasting time resetting things. Just sit tight and wait for it to correct itself.

  1. AFTVUser says:

    I suppose that would explain my suddenly cranky and uncooperative Echo Show 10!

  2. Adam says:

    Oh, see? When Alexa simply refused to talk to me today I figured they must have updated the AI to be more realistic and human-like.

    Glad to see it wasn’t that.

  3. TechyChris says:

    UGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I wish I came here first! I just “placed” my annual huge Christmas order, hundreds of dollars, dozens of items. Searching and adding items to the cart seemed to be working but in hindsight seemed a bit sluggish. I assumed a heavy load on their site. But still I pressed on…
    Then I noticed amazon was not allowing me to use gift card balances associated with my account. But still I pressed on… a brief order confirmation then everything disappeared. I don’t know if the order went through or not (no confirmation email), and I can’t afford to place a duplicate order this large in case it did. Why-Oh-Why didn’t I stop myself. Plus, Amazon Customer Service is DOWN…Fricking Dogs!!!

    • TechyChris says:

      I just received a Notification from Amazon that “most” of their affected services have been restored and my order was finally processed. I was instructed to review it for accuracy and make any adjustments before shipping commences, everything looks ok.

  4. Court says:

    My fire tv is still out. It just goes black

  5. Patrick J Arledge says:

    My newest fire tv is just stuck on fire tv screen. I’ve turned it off and unplugged it several times. Any suggestions?

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