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The official Fire TV game controller made by Amazon serves it’s purpose well by expanding the Fire TV’s gaming potential. The current incentive of 1,000 free Amazon coins and the free game Sev Zero that come with the purchase of the Fire TV game controller makes it a great deal. But if you’re looking to step your gaming up a notch, or just looking to get a second controller on the cheap, here are some alternate game controllers that are compatible with the Fire TV.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B0092ZEINO] The Nyko PlayPad Pro is a great cheaper alternative to the official game controller at around half the price. There is a version of this controller made specifically for the Fire TV, however it is more expensive and has been back-ordered for weeks. We’ve learned that the “for Android” version of this controller is identical to the “for Fire TV” version and is just as compatible with the Fire TV. You just need to update the controllers firmware once it arrives.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B00BGA9X9W] For serious gaming, you’ll be happy to hear that the PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 controller is fully compatible with the Fire TV. While it’s a bit pricey, nothing beats the feel of a “real” console controller.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B0041RR0TW] If you want the feel and joystick layout of the PS4 Dualshock controller without spending so much, the Logitech Gamepad F710 is a great option.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B003ZSN600] The official Fire TV controller is often criticized for being a ripoff of the Xbox 360 controller. The resemblance definitely can’t be denied. If you’re tired of running out of batteries, the wired Xbox 360 controller plugs right into the Fire TV’s USB port and works great. Alternately you can opt for the wireless version, but to get it to work with the Fire TV you’ll need to spring for and use the USB receiver.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B00BTDBSXU&TITLE=”MOGA Pro Mobile Gaming System”] Touted by some as the best gaming controller for Android is the big brother to the Moga, the Moga Pro. While it may be the priciest option on our list, the Moga Pro provides great versatility.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B00FR7U15U&TITLE=”Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad”] The just released Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R is new to the market but has been turning some heads. This controller specifically advertises itself as a Fire TV alternate and even comes with media controls built in, just like the official controller.

[amazon template=sa&asin=B0050SZD18] Before you think we’ve made a mistake and linked a console instead of a controller, hear us out. The OUYA controller works great on the Fire TV. While you could buy the OUYA controller separately, it is often overpriced, so for not much more you can get the OUYA console which comes with the controller. You’ll have a decent controller plus a decent little Android gaming console to use on a spare TV.

  1. Great article but I think one thing you forgot is which one you would recommend.

    After looking into each controller, my personal feeling is that the PS4 controller seems like the biggest bang for your buck if your looking for a future proof solution for multiple devices. People have mostly nothing but positive things to say about the PS4 controllers look, feel, battery life and features. The price is a bit hard to swallow, especially when I need two but it seems like the most sensible purchase when it comes to bang for your buck.

    Users report some key binding issues with it but for those who root, a solution has already been worked out, read more on that by following the link below.

    The F710 looked okay too but the last thing I need is something else that takes batteries. :)

    Great site, keep up the awesome work!

    • Joe says:

      I would not recommend the PS4/DS4 controller with your fire tv. I purchased a DS4 because I wanted to “future proof” and have a controller ready for when I eventually buy a PS4.

      However, the DS4 does not work on 50% of the games I’ve tried. I have tried two separate DS4 controllers (one new out-of-box, and one with updated PS4 firmware). The game “Naught 2” does not recognize any buttons. The game “Hero of Many” does not recognize the d-pad or analog stick. “Badlands” does not work. The game “Modern Combat 4” does not let you crouch or use melee attacks, making the game quite difficult. I’ve had moderate success with the DS4, but I cannot recommend this controller.

      I am going to try the Nyko PlayPad or OUYA, true Android controllers. Hopefully that will work.

  2. Matt says:

    Am I missing something or is sync’ing a DS4 with a Fire TV via Bluetooth a no-go? Wired is fine but I’ve had no luck with wireless – I try sync’ing by putting my DS4 in discoverable mode and having my FTV look for controllers. It then shows up fine to attempt pairing but fails to pair: after a few seconds, the DS4 turns seemingly shuts itself off as the FTV continues to try pairing with it…

    • Did you remember to reboot the AFTV before attempting the pairing?

      The proper way to pair a PS4 controller to your AFTV is as follows.

      Uploaded the keymap file as described above and do not forget the reboot.

      Go into Settings, Controllers, Bluetooth Controllers and you will see the option to pair your controller. Before hitting that button, grab the PS4 controller and press and hold the Share and PS buttons until the lightbar begins flashing. The flash will be a few very fast flashes followed by a pause and then repeat, if your controller lightbar is flashing a normal slow flash (not like short strobes) then it is not in pairing mode.

      Now, on the AFTV go ahead and start the pairing procedure. It will list something called Azure, ignore that, you want to see “Wireless Controller” and when you finally do, select that and it will pair after another moment of waiting.

      Good Luck!

      • Matt says:

        I’ve used this DS4 a bunch on both my PC (using the excellent DS4Tool to make it work as an XInput controller) and on my PS4 of course, so I pair it all the time using the share + PS buttons. Presumably I’m not doing anything wrong there. ;)

        On my AFTV, when I put it into discoverable mode, I never see anything called Azure show up. I do see the ‘Wireless Controller’, and that’s what I select. As I said in my first post, the DS4 seems to just shut itself off almost immediately at that point (lightbar goes out) and the AFTV continues to think it’s pairing for a little while until it times out / gives up (and given the DS4 has apparently left pairing mode, this isn’t surprising ;) ).

        I’ve tried both before and after putting the keymap in-place, though I can’t say I was surprised that adding it didn’t seem to help since AFAIK that’s just a button mapping issue, not a connectivity one. :p FWIW, my AFTV is on and of course is rooted (obviously it needed to be for me to add the keymap, as well as mount some NFS shares via Busybox from my Drobo NAS).

  3. Orion Reyes says:

    I’m trying to use a Wireless XBOX 360 controller with the FireTV, I have the USB cable that plugs to the controller and that is used to charge the battery, and connect to the XBOX to keep playing. But I get nothing, no response. Does it have to be a Wired controller OR wireless with a dongle? Thanks!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Is your wireless dongle an original one made by Microsoft, or is it third party? The third party ones tend not to work with the Fire TV.

      • Orion Reyes says:

        It is an original cable, and original controller. The fire TV updated to the latest version, does it work out of the box? Or do I have to do something else to activate the controller?

      • Wow, the Bluetooth controller from GameStick works flawlessly! But I’m still wondering about the Xbox setup

    • awesome3 says:

      Way late for this conversation, but the USB cable for a 360 wireless controller does not work as a wired controller. It only charges your controller while you are still connected wirelessly. Therefore it does not make a wireless controller into a wired one. You need a wireless receiver to use the wireless controller with anything outside of the Xbox.

  4. Scott says:

    Are you sure about the “MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+” being compatible? I can’t get mine to even show up in when my Fire TV Stick searches for controllers. I’ve seen that the Pro version works, though.

  5. Alfred says:

    I just bought 3 x Moga gaming systems for Android for Android TV to enable my nephews and nieces to play ‘Bomb Squad’ at thanksgiving. IT DOES NOT WORK! They will be so disappointed :-(

  6. patrick says:

    Show about the gamestop controller? Does anybody know if it works?

  7. Joe says:

    I have successfully paired the DS4 controller, which does work for MOST games.

    However, some games such as “Naught 2” and “Hero to Many” do not recognize the d-pad.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Perhaps the DS4 controller needs an update. I’m not sure how to proceed with a rooted firetv that is blocking said updates. Any suggestions?

  8. James says:

    I purchased the Nyko Pad Pro for android, not the amazon fire specific version, and I can not get it to work. Does anyone know what setting it has to be on the back of the controller? I have gotten it to register with my Fire Stick but it doesn’t work on selected settings from the back of the controller and some do work but very limited to one or two buttons.

  9. Snorkel says:

    Just a FYI,
    You have to update the nyko android firmware on a android device using the nyko playground app, DO NOT use the firmware updater app in the play store it does not work.

    Also the PC updater does not work either because the device has android firmware, You can update the device to PC firmware using the playground app but then it will not work on the fire tv.
    After I updated the firmware with the playground app on my Moto X phone it works perfectly with the FireTV.

    • TheCodingDutchman says:

      My experience has been that you can update the firmware via the PC, then pair it with your Android 4.1+ device and the Nyko Playground will allow you to update the firmware.

    • rene says:

      I already did what you said but can’t get it to work with fire tv, trying to play snes with retroarc, any advice?

  10. Cooltwou says:

    I am trying to figure out how to pair an Xbox 360 controller using the USB cable but I can’t get it to pair or find the controller at all

    • Andrew says:

      To pair the wireless controller, you need a wireless USB dongle that enables connecting the device wireless to the PC. A play and charge cable won’t do as its only for charging the controller. Also, the 360 controller doesn’t operate on a Bluetooth frequency, which is why the dongle is needed.

  11. Zeke says:

    Not being able to change the key bindings without root on the Fire TV is a real pain in the ass. Sure, in any software that allows you to set the keys it’s not an issue but for something like GTA: San Andreas where you can’t do it in software there’s no way to move CJ therefore no way to actually play the game. Wired Xbox 360 controller works best here despite other limitations caused by incorrect keymap.

    It is very good for PS1 emulation on the Fire TV via ePSXe though, for obvious reasons. The clickable touchpad button can be used to bring up the in-game menu for load/save states, changing disc and quitting. A minute setting the right keymap and off you go…

  12. Rob says:

    Before you go buy multiple wired xbox controllers i can tell you that i can’t get multiple wired controllers to work on the new fire tv (2015), just 1 controller works at a time. I had thought it was because of power issues so i bought a 7-port powered usb hub but it still will not recognize multiple controllers regardless of the game i’m trying to play.

    I was trying to play bomb squad on the fire TV with multiple controllers. The best I’ve been able to do is 4 (None xbox) controllers on a non-powered 4-port hub. My powered 7 port hub won’t even recognize more than 1 controller at a time regardless if it is xbox or a generic usb controller.

    Is anyone able to get their fire TV to recognize multiple wired xbox controllers? Should i just get wireless xbox controllers and a usb receiver instead?

  13. James says:

    My 360 wireless controller isn’t pairing with my Microsoft dongle (original first gen) on the aftv. It looks like it connects but my controller just flashes that dreaded green ring of death. I’m considering a new dongle or buying a wired one.

  14. Paulo coelho says:

    Xiaomi bluetooth V.3 gamepad works flawlessly!!

  15. Lisa Warner says:

    I recently purchased an Amazon Fire TV box and stick. I am wondering what the easiest gaming controller to connect is. I am not “doggle” literate, so I was wondering if I should just purchase a wired Xbox 360 controller, or the Fire TV game controller?

  16. Richard says:

    Can 2 Wireless controllers be used at the same time with a single USB dongle, or do you need a dongle for each controller

  17. Livin says:

    I have 2 brand new Dualshock controllers. I paired them both, no issues but one of them will connect to bluethooth and then disconnect immediately – it does this constantly, in a loop basically. Anyway to fix this? Thx

  18. Michael Lein says:

    Just got a Moga Pro Power controller and was excited to try it with my new Fire TV… no luck :(

  19. says:

    I use a Intsun Wireless Gamepad (BT) Controler on my Fire Tv Gen2 and it works! I play Asphalt 8 Airbourbe with that Device on my Fire TV, but i have a Problem with the “sensitivity control”. It’s too sensitive for smooth driving at the curves. Is there any File on the Fire TV System that i can modify for smoother Gameplay?

    Box is alreadey rooted with full file access.

    Maybe any XML File where i must looking for?

    Or need to buy another Gamepad?

  20. John says:

    Good afternoon Elias. I’ve been following your website and weekly YouTube broadcasts. I have learned a great deal from the information you share and appreciate all you do!

    I currently have several Fire TV boxes in my home and have Kodi installed on all boxes. My latest effort is to play old school Nintendo ROMs (N64 and SNES) on the Fire TV box either through installing the emulator APK files on the box or using the Kodi ROM Collection Browser addon. My question is regarding controllers.

    What is the best set up to use for controllers? I have checked your site and many others and have not found a solution. I would prefer to go Wireless/Bluetooth and not plug into the USB connect if possible. I have found some items such as the 8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic NES Controller and others but not sure on compatibility and functionality.

    Looking to be able to use multiple controllers playing the games on the big screen with the family. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers and thanks for all you do!


  21. Matthew Herrera says:

    Can you use android phone to play games on Amazon fire stick?

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