AllCast released for iOS — Compatible with AllCast for Fire TV & Fire TV Stick


AllCast has long been one of the best solutions to send photos and videos from an Android device to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Now, the app made by the same guys behind ClockworkMod Recovery has finally been released for iOS devices.

Install the app on both your Fire TV and iOS device, and seamlessly send photos, music, and videos from your mobile device to your TV. While it’s not integrated across the OS like AirPlay, it should serve to be more reliable than the various AirPlay apps which promise to add AirPlay support to the Fire TV but never quite fully deliver on that promise.

  1. Ithelpme dot com says:

    Another option is to install Kodi/XBMC on the FireTV and enabled Airplay support.

  2. Hav2roll says:

    I have downloaded the app through the Apple App Store, but I can’t find it in the Amazon or Google store.

  3. Hav2roll says:

    Never mind. It didn’t show up in the search on my fire TV until I tried it again a little later. So far I’m unimpressed because it’s throwing the video to the AFTV shot from my iPhone 5s upside down and it keeps stuttering every five seconds. This is no better than AirPin(Pro) which works well most of the time.

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