All the different ways to find and record programs on the Amazon Fire TV Recast

The Amazon Fire TV Recast offers numerous ways to find TV shows and episodes. There are also just as many ways to start a recording or schedule a future recording. Most are done through a Fire TV device, since that’s the primary way to manage recordings, but there are also options on the mobile app and through the Echo Show. Here are all the ways to find content and schedule recordings.

Recording through Fire TV Devices

While watching any program live, you can press the menu (hamburger) button on the remote and select “Record” from the list of options in the lower right corner of the screen. One great feature is that the Fire TV Recast will automatically add all of the available historical buffer for the program you’re watching to the saved recording. This means that if you’re halfway through a program when you decide you want to record it, the first half that you’ve already seen will be preserved in the recording so that you have the full program saved. Similarly, if you tune into a program that is being recorded, you can rewind back to the beginning without affecting the recording or having to wait for the recording to end.

One of the most commons ways that I expect people will schedule recordings is from the channel guide. Just highlight any listing, whether it’s airing now or airing in the future, and press the menu button on the remote to be given the option to record the episode or series. The channel guide displays 2 weeks worth of schedule information with no subscription fee. A solid red circle appears in the channel guide on programs that are actively being recorded and a hollow red circle appears on programs that are scheduled to be recorded in the future.

The Fire TV’s universal search is another convenient way to schedule recordings. Performing a search, whether it be by voice or through the on-screen keyboard, will display a new “Channels” row among the other usual streaming search results. This Channels row lists all programs from the Fire TV Recast’s channels that match your search query. The listed items are individual episodes that are airing now or will be airing within the next 2 weeks.

If the item you select from the search result screen is airing live, you’ll be taking to the live feed of that channel. Otherwise, for items airing in the future, you’ll be taken to a listing for that program with information about the episode. You can also get to this episode info screen by selecting a future airing episode from the channel guide. From this episode info screen you can select to record the one episode or the full series.

On the information screen for any episode or series is an “On Now and Upcoming” row that lists all future episodes that will be airing for that same series. This list consists of all episodes across multiple channels. Highlighting an item on the list will show the date and time it will air, season/episode number, the channel, if it’s HD or SD quality, if it’s a new episode, and a brief description. pressing the menu button on the remote will allow you to set the episode to record.

You can also start a recording from the “On Now” row. This row appears both on the Fire TV home screen and in the Fire TV’s DVR menu. Just highlight a channel on the row, press the menu button, and a record option will be available in the lower right corner. This allows you to quickly start a recording if something catches your eye while browsing through other content rows on the Fire TV.

Unless the option explicitly says it’s for recording a series or an episode, selecting any of the record options listed above will prompt you to select whether you want to record that single episode or the full series.

Recording through phone/tablet Fire TV App

The Fire TV app for phones and tablets, which has recently been updated with Fire TV Recast functionality, does not have nearly as many options for finding content and scheduling recordings as Fire TV devices. You can watch any of your recordings through the app or watch any channel live, but there is no way to view a channel guide to see future programming and there is no way to search. From the “On Now” tab in the app, which lists all of your channels and what is currently airing, you can press the 3-dot menu and select to record the currently airing episode. While watching a live program through the app, there is also a record button in the upper right corner of the video player screen. Those are you only options to record through the app at the moment, but Amazon says they’re working to add more functionality to the app.

Recording through Alexa

You can also use Alexa to quickly schedule a series to be recorded. Just say “Alexa, record [TV Show Name]” and the full series will be set to record. This works through the Fire TV’s voice remote or through a dedicated Alexa device, like the Amazon Echo Show. There doesn’t seem to be a way to use Alexa to record a single episode, but you can say “Alexa, cancel my recording of [TV Show Name]” to stop recording a series. There are other Alexa management commands, such as “Alexa, delete [TV Show Name]” to delete all recordings of a series.

  1. Sebastian says:

    How about if the recording is in progress do you have an option to start watching it and timeshift before it is finished? I usually start watching football games 30 min into the game so I can FF through commercials. Plex does it but it is flaky sometimes.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Second paragraph ;-)

      Similarly, if you tune into a program that is being recorded, you can rewind back to the beginning without affecting the recording or having to wait for the recording to end.

      The Fire TV actually asks if you want to watch live or start from the earliest available point if you tune into an active recording.

  2. Charlie says:

    While you guys are setting this up Channel Master has an early BF sale on. You can get the Flatenna for 4.99 (no coax cable included). Still a pretty good deal with about 8.00 shipping.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Oh wow, sorry about that. Great review!

  4. Mike says:

    Will this record something I’m streaming via Silk?

    • Tim says:

      NO,,,Recast only records OTA (OverTheAir) channels ,,, it does not record video “streams” from the internet … I’ve been using the Channel Master DVR for a few years, which has been doing the same thing as the Recast all this time !!

  5. Utahanglo says:

    But does or have a commercial skip feature. ? Nobody seems to know.

    • Rick Hurst says:

      Yes, you can skip through commercials in 30 sec increments going forward. If you over shoot the ads you go back in 10 second increments. Takes some getting used to but you quickly get accustomed to it.

      • Midwaybrit says:

        I wish they had a one click skip feature much like Tivo and Channels DVR.

        • Rick Hurst says:

          I do too. Hopefully this feature will be added in a firmware update soon.

          • Renato Mello says:

            I have TiVO too, and I use the commercial skip a lot. However, every now and then it has incorrect marks, so I use the 30s skips to advance 3,4 or 5 minutes, as I have learned these patterns for the daily shows I watch. Here’s where fireTV has a slight advantage. You can say “Alexa, skip 3 minutes” and it’s instantaneous. I watch a lot of morning news in the kitchen while doing other tasks. I frequently FFW and REW using these commands, and the time can be anything – not tied to the 30s or 10s.

  6. Randy Reid says:

    Will it be on sale soon?

  7. Sebastian says:

    What is the delay when switching live TV channels? Tablo, it’s main competitor in the networked DVR market was unbearable.

  8. c says:

    My channel guide is consistently broken….making the recast record the wrong shows. Times are off as you move into the future. Very frustrating.

    Also no way to remove recordings I can find.

    The “only record new episodes” function is also broken.

    So far it’s got major problems on the software side that need to be ironed out.

    • m browne says:

      That is my main concern with this device. Can recordings be scheduled by time and channel, or only through the channel guide?

    • JK27 says:

      Sounds like something is wrong with your setup. I’m an early adopter of the Recast and not once has it “recorded the wrong show.” Further, we have not located any “times that are off” in the program guide. Of course, there is a way to delete recordings by using the menu button after a particular recording is selected in “DVR.” It does take a few too many button presses to delete a recording, as compared to TiVo, but I’m guessing Amazon will improve this feature. I will respectfully disagree that there are “major problems on the software side” but I will say that Amazon does need to make a few software improvements. If this is anything like Amazon Echo, Amazon has been fantastic about adding features and improvements via software updates. So far, I think this is the Cordcutter machine to beat, at present. No monthly fees, like TiVo has, caused us to make the jump.

  9. joan says:

    hiw to record soaps from 11-1

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