All-new WeMo Mini Smart Plug w/ Alexa support on sale for $27.99 [Expired]

The all-new WeMo Mini Smart Plug is currently on sale for $27.99 at B&H Photo, $27.99 with promo code SPRINGBREAK at or $29.99 at Amazon. These are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for this new smart plug model. This is the updated version of Belkin’s smart plug that is smaller and no longer covers adjacent power outlets, like the previous generation did. These smart power outlets are fully compatible with Alexa, so they can be controlled with your voice. Even better is they do not require a hub to work, like many of the other smart plugs on the market. You literally just plug them in, configure them with the WeMo app, say “Alexa, discover devices,” and you’ll be controlling anything plugged into the smart plug with your voice within minutes with nothing else to buy.

  1. Scott says:

    I don’t care how cool it is. That’s crazy expensive. Get off your ass and flip a switch.

    • Also Scott says:

      Creating a smart home continues to be a cheaper home improvement than many, many other common home improvements, and it serves more purpose. For example, I just replaced some old sliding doors for my patio with french doors. Cost about a grand to do it. Are better looking doors going to improve my day to day experience as much as creating a smart home? Probably not. And in all likelihood, the doors will end up being more expensive.

      I think the biggest reason people complain over the pricing of smart home components it because they have to buy them piecemeal so they notice how much money they are spending. If you just spent a lump $500 to update all the lights and ceiling fans in your house to be smart, I think people would be a lot more willing to do it.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Weird. I actually prefer the original design. I’ve not had any problems with blocking adjacent power outlets either, I mean, I can’t use two of the old WeMo plugs at once… but it doesn’t stop me from using a normal plug in the bottom outlet. This design would allow you to use two WeMo plugs on the same outlet box though, which I guess is the selling point, but why not just make a dual WeMo switch that uses one WiFi connection?

  3. Llyod says:

    I still think the best deal is the Pivot Power Genius.
    Only $25 on Amazon, has two separatly controlled outlets, and also works with Alexa with no need for a hub.

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