All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 with New Voice Remote expected next week


With a new device that matches the description of a next generation Fire TV Stick already uncovered through FCC documents, and the existing Fire TV Stick being currently unavailable from Amazon in anyform, there’s no doubt a new Fire TV Stick 2 is on the horizon, but the big question is when will it be released? Well, it’s starting to look more and more evident that an all-new Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 will be announced, and possibly start shipping, next week. More so, it looks like the new Fire TV Stick 2 will also ship with a new voice remote that comes with new features not present on the existing voice remote.

An AFTVnews reader, who ordered a Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote just before it became unavailable to purchase, has informed me of an interesting conversation he had with an Amazon customer service representative. His Fire TV Stick was initially scheduled to be delivered on September 21st, but was then pushed back to the 28th. When the reader inquired about the delivery delay, he was informed that he would instead be receiving a new Fire TV Stick with “some cool new features” and a new voice remote with “some new features and some modifications.” The customer service representative continued to say the new Fire TV Stick would be “worth the wait” and that the buyer would “not be disappointed.”

So assuming the Amazon customer service representative wasn’t just making things up, which sadly isn’t out of the question, it appears an all-new Fire TV Stick 2 with an all-new new voice remote will be announced within the next few days and possibly begin shipping as early as Wednesday, September 28th. If Amazon is swapping out orders of the existing Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for the a new model, it could indicate the new model will be priced the same as the existing model at $49.99.

As for what new features the new voice remote could have in store, my guess is a headphone jack built into the remote, like the one Amazon added to the Fire TV Game Controller last year. There’s unfortunately still no evidence of a new Fire TV 3 to replace the current 2nd-generation Fire TV, which has also been out of stock for weeks and uses the same voice remote that is aparently being replaced.

  1. clocks says:

    My mouse finger is ready to pull the trigger.

  2. sunrise495 says:

    And will we still have a $39.99 option?

  3. Charlie says:

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything but Amazon Game Studios is having a press conference to announce their first real game – Breakaway – on the 29th.

    Who knows, maybe the next Fire TV (not the stick) will be powerful enough to play it. It seems like Lumberyard (Amazon’s engine licensed from Crytek) can work on Android devices.

  4. William Hughes says:

    I tried to purchase a voice remote and website read In Stock November 4 2016

  5. Patrick Russell says:

    Can let me no when tv stick is out pls

  6. John says:

    Is there anything to the fact that the Fire TV is listed as in stock on October 5, last week it listed it as in stock on September 30, could that portend a new Fire TV is on the way or is that something you have seen before?

  7. TechyChris says:

    I find it an interesting comparison that Amazon is still including headphone jacks on new equipment while Apple has decided that headphone jacks are outdated tech with the launch of the new iPhone. Assuming Apple would be dropping jacks on future versions of all its products.

    • granman says:

      But both companies are VERY different in terms of their margin strategies. Apple has always sought extremely high margins while Amazon is clearly looking at low margin high volume. Apple’s decision (at least the prevailing theory) is that it costs them extra dollars to maintain the electronics as well as extra space and dropping it would not reduce sales while upping their profit (also they didn’t need to toss in ear buds, further increasing their inflated bottom line).

  8. Tim K says:

    Says back in stock October 5. I’m guessing October 5th. I’ll be returning the one I just received a week ago.

  9. David Binx says:

    This is 2016. Why isn’t there a share button for Facebook or Twitter on this page? Btw – thanks for the info. I’m stoked that they’re coming out with a new version. I almost bought another one two weeks ago, so I’m glad I waited.

  10. Tracena Barnwell says:

    Fire stick is still available on Amazon, it’s just the voice one that’s not available right now

  11. Ujn Hunter says:

    Did Amazon change something on the original Fire TV Sticks with an update or something? I went to watch my Fire TV Stick (original model) on my TV downstairs which doesn’t have HDMI, so I had always had my Fire TV Stick plugged into an HDMI to composite switch, and it’s giving me a “No Signal” video error when it had always worked before. Plugging the Fire TV Stick into my TV upstairs through HDMI shows the Fire TV Stick still works, and plugging an HDMI DVD Player into my HDMI to composite switch shows video no problem, thinking Amazon did something to the Fire TV software?

  12. Ronz says:

    When fire tv stick can be installed google play? 1 year custom rom not released.. Better buy android tv box than this shit!

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