All Fire TVs are now on sale — Fire TV Stick Max for as low as $31.99

Amazon has put all Fire TV models back on sale. Starting off is the Fire TV Stick Lite for $19.99 but you’re much better off paying an extra $5 to get the regular Fire TV Stick for $24.99 because TV controls on the remote are well worth the extra money. Those prices aren’t the best they’ve ever been. For that, you need to look at the Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $34.99 which matches its lowest price ever. To save a bit more you can get the Refurbished Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $31.99, which is a fantastic deal for Amazon’s newest and most powerful Firestick. Lastly, the all-new Fire TV Cube 3 is $124.99 which also matches its lowest price. Whatever you decide, stay far away from the Fire TV Stick 4K for $31.99 because it’s often available for less than that. Update: Some customers can use promo code FTVCTDL to get the Fire TV Stick for $19.99.

  1. Hereward the Woke says:

    Obviously these offers are for the US only. Once again the UK is being ripped off. The 4K Max stick is advertised at GBP64.99 which equates to $80!

    • Mark says:

      WOW! That price is certainly BS!

    • Freemz says:

      It’s on sale for £38.99, also don’t forget UK prices include VAT/Tax in the price, not added on after/at checkout. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I have no idea if Amazon US add on after or it’s already in the price)

  2. Allan Mason says:

    It does feel like UK customers are being penalised. Does anyone know if there are plans to extend the sale to the UK any-time soon?

  3. Steve S says:

    It’s because walmart is releasing a 4k onn dongle for 18.88 that rivals the crap out of amazons stuff. Its not a slight against the UK. Just competition.

    • Hereward the Woke says:

      Ironically the UK supermarket chain Asda used to be owned by Walmart and their stores still stock ONN-branded electical items. But have never seen ONN streaming devices on their shelves, only those by Amazon, Google and Roku.

  4. EmoBrianEno says:

    Yesterday they were offering me a 4k max for $20, i thought, hmmmm… tempting. But i have more devices than i could possibly need already.

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