All Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cubes have gone on sale — Starting at $21.99

Amazon has put all versions of the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Cube on sale. Starting at the top is the Fire TV Cube on sale for $104.99. This is a pretty measly discount at only $15 off the regular price. The Fire TV Stick 4K is $39.99, which is 20% off of its regular price, but still $10 more than its recent low of $29.99 during Black Friday. Select customers who qualify can still get it for $29.99 using promocode 4K21FTV. If you don’t need a 4K device, the regular Fire TV Stick is on sale for $29.99, which is 25% off its regular price, and the best deal is still the Fire TV Stick Lite at $21.99, which is 27% off. The main difference between the two low end sticks is the included remote, so you’re essentially paying $8 for power and volume buttons on the remote. See here for all the differences between the Fire TV Stick 4K, regular Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Stick Lite.

  1. Farley says:

    Any news in a Gen3 Cube? My Gen1 is painfully slow.

  2. Dominick says:

    I will not buy another amazon fire tv, stick or cube until they update my current toshiba fire tv. The old U.I is disgusting & from what I read, the new U.I is not that much better. I really want to see if its improved or focusing on purchasing a samsung smart TV. I can not complain about my roku’s so far.

  3. James Irish says:

    Waiting for Gen3 cube for our biggest living room TV and next hardware iteration of the fire stick 4K for our other three TVs. All devices should come with more RAM standard.

    Hint Hint… Would love to see a speculative article about hardware iterations coming down the pipe!

  4. TechyChris says:

    I suspect it will be a year or more before Amazon releases any new Fire devices. They just released a new line up a few months ago and the Cube Gen 2 (which is awesome, I have 3) is still being released as “new” in countries outside the US. TV’s with Fire OS built-in are a bit different as TV Manufacturers traditionally release updated TV models every year.

    • James Irish says:

      Your probably right but I hope your wrong for the sake of it. Hehe… Maybe Elias will have some inside information and speculate about new hardware CPUs and RAM speeds and feeds.

  5. Marc says:

    Waiting for an upgraded 4k Firestick with more memory and more storage.

  6. To those asking me about new models and speculation, sorry, but I’m still under NDA with Amazon from when I worked for them, so I can’t talk about unreleased devices.

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