[UPDATED] All Fire TV Smart TV Prime Day Deals Compared — TCL, Hisense, Pioneer, Amazon, Toshiba, & Insignia

Prime Day has arrived and nearly every Fire TV Smart TV has gone on sale. From the tiny 24in Insignia Fire TV on sale at a new all-time low of $64, all the way up to the massive brand-new 75in TCL Fire TV on sale for the first time for $749.99, and everything in between. Here is the full list of all Fire TV Smart TV sales and, most importantly, how today’s prices compare to previous sales so you know if it’s actually a good deal or not.

24-32in 720p Fire TV Smart TVs

24-43in 1080p Fire TV Smart TVs

43in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

50-58in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

65-75in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

  1. Tj says:

    The Pioneer deal caught me by surprise super early in the day.

    • Same here! I wasn’t prepared for it so getting a dedicated post out about it took too long and it sold out already, so I scrapped the post. I still inlcuded it in this list incase someone got lucky and clicked the link just as a lightning deal buyer cancled their order, which does occasionlly happen.

  2. Shirley Dulcey says:

    Last year there were lightning deals on TVs both mornings. Look for another one at 9am EDT/8am CDT/7am MDT/6am PDT tomorrow. This year Amazon seems to have kept the word from getting out in advance.

    If you manage to snag one (supply is limited) those will be the best TV deals of the day.

  3. Nehemoth says:

    Can someone recommend the best 4K 43″ inches option?
    Space constraint, should be the 43″
    Right now inclining towards Hisense.


    • If you can fit the 50″ Hisense, then go with that, but Hisense doesn’t make a 43″. If you have to go with 43″, the Amazon Omni QLED is the best, but you’re paying a lot for it. If you don’t want to pay that much, I’d go with the Toshiba C350. It’s a good balance of cost and features.

  4. Tj says:

    Has anyone here received the email from Amazon allowing them to purchase the Omni 43″ for $100?

  5. Don says:

    No, still waiting

  6. Ethan says:

    Still waiting on the email for the 43in Amazon Omni Series Fire TV (4K, HDR10, Hands-Free, 2021 model). Do you know any information when Amazon.com plans to email everyone? Or was I not chosen?

    • Ethan says:

      It’s now 2:00PM EST. I have a feeling that I was not chosen to receive the email invite for this TV :(
      Has anybody received the email for the 43in Amazon Omni Series Fire TV (4K, HDR10, Hands-Free, 2021 model) for $99.99?
      I am still hopeful I will receive this email soon.

    • It seems like Amazon has been sending out a steady stream of invites since yesterday morning. The invite subject says “You’re invited to buy an invite-only deal!” I’ve seen people say they got an invite as recently as an hour ago, so it seems like they’re still being sent out.

      • Ethan says:

        I just received the email that I was denied the deal. To soften the blow, Amazon.com gave me a promo code, FIRETV32, for a 32-in fire TV for $99 and a $2 credit towards a prime movie.

    • Tj says:

      Looks like I won’t be getting it. My eyes will be set on the omni 4k qled or any of the newer ones for this year’s black Friday.

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