All but one Fire TV model is currently on sale, including the Fire TV Pro Remote

Amazon just kicked off another sale on Fire TV devices this week. While the prices are pretty decent for this not being a significant sales event, like Prime Day or Black Friday, it’s interesting that all but one model is on sale. Here’s the breakdown of this sale and how it compares to past deals on Fire TVs.

The Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $19.99, which is $5 above the recent Prime Day price and $8 above the lowest price it has ever been. The Fire TV Stick is on sale for $24.99 which is $8 more than the lowest it has ever been. However, some select customers will qualify to get it for $19.99 using promo code ADD23, so be sure to give that a try if you’re looking to pick one up.

As for the 4K devices, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on sale for $26.99, which is just $2 more than the lowest it has ever been and is easily the best deal of the bunch. Try entering promo code FTV25 at checkout to see if you qualify to drop it down to $24.99. The Fire TV Cube is on sale for $119.99, which is $10 more than the lowest it has been in the past. Lastly, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro is on sale for $29.99, which is just $2 above its lowest price ever.

Interestingly, the Fire TV Stick 4K is the only model not on sale. Even though many people think a device going on sale often means it is about to be replaced with a new model, it’s usually the opposite for Amazon devices. You can read more about how that works here, but the short version is that Amazon seems to much rather be left with extra inventory of an outgoing model than prematurely run out of stock before a new model is available. That’s why we tend to see certain Fire TV models be excluded from sales in the weeks leading up to those models being replaced. Amazon will be announcing new devices in just over a month and I expect a replacement for the current Fire TV Stick 4K to be among them.

  1. Bob Fishwick says:

    Maybe they are trying to put off people buying them because they know there is an issue with that model.

  2. joe r. nettalker says:

    the 2 remotes have 4 buttons prime netflix apps and internet.

    if i buy one of these will that be the buttons i will receive?

    can i get this remoter with those 4 buttons for a second generation cube?

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