All Amazon Fire TV models are on sale starting at $29.99

Amazon currently has their entire Fire TV lineup on sale in some form or another. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale for $29.99. That’s just $10 above the lowest price it has ever been. The Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) is on sale for $39.99 exclusively for Prime members. That’s just $5 more than the lowest price it has ever been. Note that the Fire TV 3 is currently out of stock until October 1st, indicating to me that it might soon be replaced by a new model. Lastly, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $79.99. This is the lowest price that it has been without needing to be a Prime member to purchase it. At least some of these sale prices are expected to end in a couple days on September 28th.

  1. clocks says:

    So we still might see new FTVs this year, even though nothing was announced at the Amazon event last week?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Hard to say. If we don’t hear anything within the next month, then it’s probably safe to say there aren’t going to be any new models coming this year. But the Fire TV 3 supply instability is strange enough for me to still think we’ll see it replaced this year.

      • tech3475 says:

        Perhaps they’re building up stock for BF or struggling with production?

        I would have thought any replacement would be out at least a month before BF.

  2. Charlie says:

    Once again the temptation to get the Cube arises, but I’m over the whole Alexa thing. I owned several Dots and eventually the novelty wore off and I sold them. I still have a FTV2 and my fireTV edition TV. If I were wanting a new FTV device I suppose I would buy the Cube, though.

  3. Ant says:

    hmmm….I can wait until Black Friday. Watch the Cube goes back down to $69.99…maybe %59.99.

  4. Farley says:

    Hope the subwoofer is a BF deal, it’s priced too high but at the same time, glad they are making it.

  5. Flokic says:

    The Cube is probably the worse graded Fire Tv ever (for good reason) but surprisingly one still hears people interested in buying it.

  6. Adam says:

    Love the deal on the pendant. The Prime-only sale a week or so ago serendipitously coincided with my daughter needing a replacement for her Firestick. Still not anything that would tempt me to replace my rooted Fire TV 2, but its still a nice horsepower upgrade from the sticks. I don’t think I’d pay $70.00 for it, but $40.00 feels like a good buy.

  7. Alex says:

    Tempting for pendant price. I wonder if there will be a all time low of 29.99 for Black Friday.

  8. Mark says:

    Got my 1st pendant from DirecTV Now for $35 and it included 3 months of service. I think that was the top deal ever for a pendant. My other pendant I got for $37 in one of the ‘deal of the day’ sales. I don’t think I’d wait 2 months to ‘maybe, might’ save 10 bucks. Hell, a burger costs 10 bucks anymore.

  9. clocks says:

    I got a few of the pendants at $35, which is a total steal. I found them good enough that I sold my FTV2s, since I do not game. I compared the Roku Stick Plus vs the pendant, since the reviews often claim the Roku is faster. I don’t see it, in fact the opposite. Roku does not seem to have enough memory to keep a app in memory when you go back to the home screen. While with my FTVs, it seems that when I go back to a app, it is still open and does not need to reload. And prime video, being part of the OS, seems to always be ready to go. These things make the FTV seem much faster to use for me.

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