All Amazon Fire TV bundles have gone on sale [Expired]


All Fire TV box bundles are currently on sale at Amazon. The regular Fire TV 2 is on sale for $84.99. The Fire TV Gaming Edition, which forgoes the remote for a game controller and a 32GB microSD card, is on sale for $124.99. Lastly, the new HD Antenna Bundle, which bundles in an HD Antenna and HDMI cable, is on sale for $94.99. This is the cheapest the antenna bundle has ever been. For only $10 more than the Fire TV alone, the antenna bundle has never looked better.

  1. Juan says:

    Now is a good time to sign up and pay for three months of sling TV to get $50 off the FireTV. Especially with MLB starting up and NBA playoffs. You will end up getting three months of Sling TV play FireTV for about $100

    • Jeff Davis says:

      WOW! Awesome find. Could you please point me towards this deals details etc.? Maybe a website describing the deal? I’m looking with no luck so far.
      Thanks! JD

  2. Todd says:

    How does the antenna attach to the Firetv? The antenna has a cable connection but Firetv does not.

    • Cdlenfert says:

      It doesn’t it’s just for your television. People who don’t want cable tv, but want OTA free tv, need an antenna. Basically a package deal for cord cutters

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