All Amazon Fire TV bundles are currently on sale [Expired]


All Fire TV box bundles have just gone on sale at Amazon. The regular Fire TV 2 is on sale for $84.99. The Fire TV Gaming Edition, which forgoes the remote for a game controller and a 32GB microSD card, is on sale for $124.99. Lastly, the new HD Antenna Bundle, which bundles in an HD Antenna and HDMI cable, is on sale for $109.99. This is the first time the HD Antenna bundle has gone on sale. These deals are expected to last all week. Since Amazon is likely to block rooting soon, this may be the last time you can get a rootable Fire TV at a discount.

  1. Some One says:

    Seems the antennae deal is the deepest discount with $37.98 off original price.
    Says retail is $147.97

  2. Pete says:

    I’d steer away from the Gaming Edition. Controller dropouts are still rampant. Amazon verified the issue and stated it would be fixed in “a future update” but at least one update has come and gone since they told me this and it still happens regularly.

    Go with one of the other bundles and get a better controller that doesn’t drop out while you are playing games which either screws up your game or even crashes it (they also verified that the controller dropout sometimes crashes the game you are playing).

    Sad that this has been out so long with such a glaring issue. I used to love Fire TV but feel I should have stuck with my first-gen.

  3. Dee says:

    I wonder if Amazon is working on the third Fire TV and Firestick.It seem like they have a sale on these like every month or two. I hope not though because I just got my fire TV (2nd gen) 3 months ago.

  4. Mark says:

    This whole amazon is going to block rooting just wait reminds me a lot of obama is going to take your guns better get those ARs now hype.

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