All Amazon Dash Buttons are on sale for $0.99 and you still get $4.99 back when first used [Expired]


All Amazon Dash Buttons are currently on sale for $0.99. The best part is, you will still receive $4.99 back the first time you use each button, so it’s a net gain of $4 per button you purchase today. If you’ve been thinking of trying Dash Buttons, there has never been a better chance. There are now over 150 different brands to choose from in a variety of categories. Choose from household products like Tide and Charmin, or everyday groceries like Campbell’s Soup, Gatorade, and Quaker Oats. There are also pet products like cat littler and dog food, as well as buttons for baby and kid products like Gerber Formula and NERF. The list goes on and on.

When you receive your Dash Button, you simply configure them using an Android or iOS app to purchase a specific product when pressed. Once you press the button once, the assigned product will be ordered and an automatic credit of $4.99 will be applied to that order. The credit is for every Dash Button you purchase, not just a one time thing, so with this deal, you’re essentially getting an additional $4 off each first purchase made with Dash Buttons. The buttons are smart enough to prevent accidental duplicate purchases, and you always get notified that a button has been pressed via email so you can cancel the order if necessary.

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  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Thanks, I grabbed all the Dash buttons that I had been contemplating getting… can’t go wrong for the $4 off first order + free button, even if I only use it one time.

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