All Amazon Cloud Cams to stop working in December — Customers will get a free Blink Mini Camera

Amazon is sending emails to owners of its Cloud Cam security camera informing them that the camera will stop working on December 2, 2022. Amazon has decided to end support for the camera and since the camera has no local functionality, it will no longer work without Amazon’s server-side support. To make up for ending support, Amazon is giving existing Cloud Cam customers a free Blink Mini camera.

Amazon announced the Cloud Cam on October 25, 2017 as its first, and only, Amazon-branded security camera. While it was a good device and I’m still using my launch device to this day, its future was quickly in question because Amazon acquired Blink, makers of several security cameras, just two months later. Then, just two months after that, Amazon acquired Ring, an even larger security camera manufacturer.

While five years isn’t a long time for an electronic device to last, it’s no surprise that Amazon is ending support for the Cloud Cam, considering it has both Blink and Ring cameras to offer. Amazon stopped selling the Cloud Cam two years after it was released. It’s unfortunate that the Cloud Cam has no way to remain functional without Amazon’s support, but that’s what happens when a device relies entirely on cloud servers to function. The Cloud Cam has no local storage or connectivity. All video can only be recorded and stored in the cloud and even viewing the live stream requires connecting to Amazon’s servers.

To ease the sting of the Cloud Cam going from perfectly functional one day and not working at all on Decemeber 2nd, Amazon is giving Cloud Cam customers a free Blink Mini camera, which normally costs $34.99, and one-year Blink Subscription Plus Plan, which costs $100 per year. The two together will replace the functionality of the Cloud Cam for the next year. Amazon has not yet laid out how to receive the free camera and subscription and will be emailing customers those details later this year. Below is the full email I received from Amazon regarding the Cloud Cam.


As mentioned in the comments below, some people are also receiving a free 4th-gen Echo in addition to the Blink Mini camera and 1-year subscription. It seems like the extra free Echo might be for those using their Cloud Cam for the Amazon Key service, but that has not been confirmed.

To our valued Cloud Cam customer,

With your help over the last five years, Cloud Cam has served as a reliable indoor security camera and a hub for Amazon Key-compatible smart locks that work with Alexa. As the number of Alexa smart home devices continues to grow, we are focusing efforts on Ring, Blink, and other technologies that make your home smarter and simplify your everyday routines. Therefore, we have decided to no longer continue support for Amazon Cloud Cam and its companion apps.

What this means for you:
On December 2, 2022, you will no longer be able to use your Cloud Cam device or its companion apps. Until then, you will be able to download any video recordings if available. All video history will be deleted on December 2, 2022.

What’s next:
To thank you for your continuous support and feedback, we would like to offer you a complimentary Blink Mini and one-year Blink Subscription Plus Plan. Blink Mini offers customers an easy-to-use, indoor security camera experience with 1080p HD video, 2.4 GHz Wifi connectivity, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and works with Alexa. The Blink Subscription Plus Plan provides extra features and benefits for Blink devices – learn more

Prior to December 2, 2022, you will receive detailed instructions on how to redeem your free Blink Mini and Blink Subscription Plus Plan via email.

Downloading and deleting your video recordings:
To back up your videos from Cloud Cam app, go to Recorded Clips in the top right menu. Click on each individual video and click on the Download icon on the right side to save the video or click on the Trash icon next to it to delete the video. You could also delete all videos on Amazon Manage Your Content and Devices at any time.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to customer service for additional information.

The Amazon Cloud Cam team

  1. AndyC says:

    While I am not married to my Cloud Cam as it is a commodity at this point, the Blink replacement is a nice offer however it is not compatible with Amazon Key, which was why I purchased the Cloud Cam in the first place. I wish they would have offered a Ring Indoor Cam instead since it can be used with Key

    • CalvinK says:

      I agree. I am in the exact same boat as you are. I think there are many of us who purchased the Cam for Amazon Key.

  2. Greg R says:

    I have 3 cloud cams and a varied combo of ring cams and their security system. I also wish they would give the option of ring cam since I already pay for a yearly ring subscription.

  3. Carlos says:

    Amazon also offered me a 4th gen Echo in addition to the Blink camera + subscription. Looks like not everyone gets that? interesting, I wonder why. I do own 2 Cloud Cams.

    After the Blink offer my email says this:

    “Additionally, we would also like to offer you a free Echo (4th gen), which serves as a Zigbee hub so that you can remotely control your connected lock with Alexa.

    Prior to December 2, 2022, you will receive detailed instructions on how to redeem your free Blink Mini and Blink Subscription Plus Plan along with a free Echo (4th gen) via email.”

  4. Thomas Nichols says:

    taking a good cam and give you little junk cams. got a mini cam and have had a hell of a time to get to work.

    • I agree. I like the Cloud Cam much better than the Blink Mini. My Blink Mini lasted a week before I tossed it in a drawer, yet my Cloud Cam has been in use daily since I got it at launch. I’ll give the Blink Mini another shot once I get the free 1-year Blink subscription.

    • Claudia M. says:

      I agree. I have two Cloud Cams and was forced to buy 2 Blink cams also, due to Amazon no longer selling the cloud cams. I do not like the Blink cameras. My Cloud Cams turn on and off automatically when I’m at home or away. I like that! With Blink I have to remember to turn them on and off. My schedule varies, and each day is different, so Blink is not a good fit. I would rather try the indoor Ring cameras instead. Amazon why can’t you fix the Blink cameras to operate like the Cloud Cam does?

  5. Michael says:

    I bought three of them for $300 just four years ago. It is a shame they killed them off so soon. I am going to be more careful buying new Amazon branded electronics. The Cloud Cams should have a longer life than this. My consolation prize was a Blink Mini and a 1 year subscription. At least send me three Cloud Cams or a 4th gen Echo like the other poster.

  6. GL says:

    Will be cautious buying anything that relies only on one cloud server. I don’t own this but yes, it sucks. But one can see if they is any custom firmware to break its dependency on Amazon cloud. Or better convince any Dev to take it up as a project! FireOS is based on android and this cam might also be using some variant of it.

  7. Terrence Branen says:

    I have six cloud cams. They are going to give me only ONE Blink Mini Cam? Thanks for keeping us informed Elias. You do a great job!

  8. Glenn says:

    I have 3 of the cloud cams. I emailed Amazon about if I will receive 3 Blink camera’s. I also have ring camera’s and would rather have Ring replacements than Blink. I have not heard back from Amazon as to this request.

  9. Michael says:

    I have yet to receive any information from Amazon about my Blink consolation prize for my three Cloud Cams they will kill off in a couple of months. Am I the only one? Is there anyone I should contact?

  10. Paul John Kurf says:

    I have used a Blink camera at my door for a couple of years, but my Cloud camera was something I could leave on, continually, and view it on my phone or PC. I’m not sure how to get the continual view or see it on my PC, with a Blink as my current Blink only stays “on” for a limited time, asks me “Continue?” but then does not cycle back on after a point. I’d like the Blink more if I could figure out how to get the continual view without having to start it over again, etc.

  11. Janet says:

    I also have a cloud cam and am just hearing about this which means I have not been contacted by Amazon. Now what?

  12. Velinda Fisher says:

    I have not been contacted by Amazon. I’m just finding out about this. I went to use it this weekend and it wasn’t working. I did some research and found this out. Very sad. I loved this camera. I don’t know how to let them know I want the replacement.

    • Nick says:

      I too missed the January window for replacement. Now I have to go out and purchase 4 more cameras, unmount mine and mount the new ones. I will not use Blink, they suck. The Ring products are good. But now I don’t trust Amazon camera products, I will stick with wifi cams now.

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