All active Free Amazon Coins and Free Appstore Credit Offers [Expired]

free-coins-and-creditAmazon has been promoting their Appstore with so many deals for free Amazon Coins and free Appstore Credits that it’s getting difficult to keep track of it all. We decided to make this comprehensive list of all currently active promotions so that you can make sure you haven’t missed out on any. We have independently verified that all of the following promotions are active.

To check your coin and credit balances, see our guide: How to check your Amazon Coin and Credit balances

Promotion 1: Get 1,000 Amazon coins for getting 5 Free Apps Update: No Longer Available

  • “Buy” each of these 5 apps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Each app will net you 200 coins for a total of 1,000 free coins.

Promotion 2: Get $3 Appstore credit for Free

  • Visit this link here and “buy” the free video to earn $1 of MP3 credit.
  • Visit this link here and buy the $0.99 album with your $1 MP3 credit to earn $3 of Appstore credit.

Promotion 3: Get 2,000 Amazon coins for spending 699 coins Update: No Longer Available

  • Visit this link here and buy GTA: San Andreas for 699 to earn 2,000 free coins.
    (Note: Depending on your purchase history, you may get an additional 300 coins for this purchase)

Promotion 4: Get $5 Appstore credit for purchasing a game

Promotion 5: Get $10 Appstore credit for purchasing a gift card of your choice

  • Visit this link here and buy any gift card to earn $10 of Appstore credit.
    (Note: Credit will be applied once the gift card ships. Gift cards starting at $20.)

5/25 @ 9:00am: Thanks to a tip from the comments, we’ve merged what was promotion 6 into promotion 4. The $5 app credit for purchasing a Windows game can only be received once for any of the qualifying games we’ve listed.

5/26 @ 10:41am: The free game in Promotion 4 is no longer available. However, the $0.01 game is available again. We’ve updated the post to reflect this change.

5/31 @ 5:28am: Looks like promotion 1, the free 1,000 coins, has ended.

6/2 @5:24am: Promotion 3 has ended. Please let everyone know in the comments below if you have success with the other promotions since at this point it is difficult to tell which ones are still valid.

  1. Tonya T Marchand says:

    Thank you! Excellent ideal. I usually follow the free coins discussion post and my inbox was getting inundated with thank you replies as opposed to free coin info. Amazon your the best…

  2. Stevo says:

    Blood of the Werewolf has gone back to $9.99. Luckily I bought it yesterday for $0.99.

  3. Sterling says:

    Great list, thank you!

    If you add tags to your articles, not only would it make searching your articles for topics more relevant to my interests, but you could have an Email Subscription list of which a person can choose which topic tags they are interested in and get email notifications when you post a topic with the selected tag(s).

    Example: A person is interested in topics related to Amazon Coins, but not things such as Kindle. Whenever an article is posted with the tag “Coins”, they would be notified via email.

    This would promote return views!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Those are some great suggestions. We already have tags implemented on the backend. The site just needs to be updated to display them, which we expect to happen next week. A mailing list feature is definitely something we want to look into and hope to implement in the future.

  4. Luwi says:

    Hi fireTV earlier today my friend use the free coin thing and it worked maybe around 12pm i think…. now it’s 4pm and there is no more free coins for me when I bought those free apps? can you update me when there is another promo like those? I need these coins ASAP T_T. Thanks in advance

  5. jeff says:

    promo #2 seems half dead – the video gives you $1 mp3 credit but the album no longer gives $3 app store credit

  6. A. says:

    To avoid confusion from people thinking they can do the $5 credit offer twice (seen in Amazon discussion threads), you should combine #6 “Get $5 Appstore credit for “buying” a free game” with #4 “Get $5 Appstore credit for $0.99”. They are both from the same promotion, ‘Get $5 Appstore credit for purchasing select games’; it previously worked on the linked $0.99 game, and still works on the linked free game demo, but only if you didn’t already get it from the $0.99 game. Same clarification should apply to your individual posts about this promotion.

  7. Vhee says:

    hi! im not located in US so can i buy with amazon gift cards?? thank you

  8. Zoot says:

    Hy. How does Appstore credit work? Is it added to coins?

  9. Zoot says:

    Wow. Fast reply. :) Thank you!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Our pleasure! We aim to please :-)

      • Zoot says:

        One more question,will the mp3 credit from amazing race work from my Kindle? I see it in my balance but I don’t see any option to use credit for Chopin. Should I just click buy? Thanks again.

        • AFTVnews says:

          Yes, it will work. You can’t really choose not to use it. If you have credit in a particular category and purchase something from that category, Amazon will always automatically apply the credit.

  10. Zoot says:

    Amazon is being pretty liberal with these deals. I’m swimming in coins. :) The credit Is good too.

  11. David says:

    Can the app credit be used for in-app purchases like the coins can? Or can coins be bought with the app credit?

  12. eggwolio says:

    I’ve seen some sites reporting that certain $.69 songs give a $3 app credit. this still active? 2.does it stack with the Chopin credit? I got a buck for MP3s from poker night 2 and I figured I’d maximize it if I could.

  13. Eugene says:

    Is it over?

  14. moonlady13 says:

    I “bought” the five games from Promotion One, loaded them to my Kindle Fire HDX, and opened them, but I didn’t receive the 1,000 coins. What did I do wrong!? ={

  15. cs says:

    Are there any UK offers or is this strictly US?

  16. RkT says:

    Promotion 4, how can i get $5 downloading an alternate qualifyng game of $0,00?

    $1 games has incresed tu $4,99 :(

  17. Humble says:

    Get $5 Appstore credit for purchasing a game
    are expired, buy 2 game and never received promotional credit.
    Maybe because the Amazon Game Store Summer promotion end? I no so sure about the Amazon Game Store promotion title or period.

  18. Optica says:

    Did they end the GTA San Andreas deal a week early? I’m pretty sure they displayed June 11 as the end date.

  19. Jett says:

    Does the Promotion 2 still works? I bought the $0.99 album with $1 MP3 credit and did not get any app store credits.

  20. Boop says:

    Can you remove the parts where they’re no longer availible?

  21. Chris says:

    Looks like the remaining free demos in Promotion 4 are no longer available.

  22. Gemo says:

    It seems I am unable to purchase the $0.99 Album using my $1 MP 3 credits it is asking for my payment options

    Please advise thanks

  23. Michelle Banuellas says:

    I did promotion 4 the second or third one and I “bought” the game, but I never got the coins. I’ve tried other Amazon offers and I never got those coins either.

  24. Martin says:

    Sell 500$ Discounted Amazon(US) gift card.Price:450$
    Contact email :

  25. Crash says:

    By Appstore credit what do you mean? I got the .99 album and didnt get anything

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