All 3rd-party Alexa devices now support Echo Spatial Perception

Amazon introduced Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) nearly two years ago to make it much more pleasant to use multiple Echo devices in close proximity. ESP is what causes only the closest Alexa device to you to respond and execute your request when multiple Alexa devices hear a wake word simultaneously. Some third-party manufacturers, like Ecobee and Eufy, eventually added ESP support to their devices, but many Alexa devices don’t support ESP. Amazon has now announced that they’ve made it so their ESP technology now lives in the cloud, instead of on the device, so all Alexa devices now automatically support ESP.

Prior to this change, a device manufacturer had to implement ESP support on their device itself through local software. This is why so few third-party Alexa devices support ESP at launch or at all. With the new Cloud ESP being released, the decision for which Alexa device should respond is now done entirely on Amazon’s servers, so device manufacturers do not need to do anything special to support ESP.

Amazon says that “all existing and new Alexa-enabled devices” now have the ESP feature. They’ve also said that Cloud ESP will “offer superior accuracy – even in noisy environments.” Since it’s entirely cloud-based, it will also improve more easily over time, without needing device manufactures to implement future changes.

  1. Scott Gibson says:

    Sounds great. I have Echo Dots, Zolo Halos, and a Eufy Genie. I would love if they all would play together nice. Now to really get me excited, allow those other devices to be “grouped” and have multi-room audio capabilities.

  2. Frank G says:

    Perfect! Perhaps my sonos 1s will finally start acting correctly with my fire cube..

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