Alexa to be added to the Amazon app on Android

Amazon added Alexa to the iPhone earlier this year and now it’s Android’s turn. A formal announcement has not been made yet, but TechCrunch says that Amazon has “confirmed the integration is indeed rolling out this week.” Just as it was added to the iPhone, Alexa will be added to the Amazon shopping app as a replacement to the app’s voice search feature.

Android device owners will be able to make the same requests to Alexa through the Amazon app as they can through Alexa devices like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. This includes shopping, playing music, asking questions, controlling smart home devices, accessing all Alexa skills, and a whole lot more.

There have been several other ways to talk to Alexa on Android devices in the past, but this is the first time Amazon themselves have made it possible. There’s no word on whether access to Alexa will come to other Amazon apps, like the Fire TV Remote app or the Alexa app itself, but I expect that will be added soon enough. Amazon’s focus has always been their primary shopping app, so it’s understandable that that’s the first place Alexa officially makes its debut.

The Amazon app for Android has not yet been updated with Alexa capabilities, but the Alexa app is already showing a listing for the app as one of your Alexa devices, so the app update should roll out very soon.

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