Alexa-to-Alexa calling and messaging is now available in the UK and Germany

Customers in the UK and Germany can now also make Alexa-to-Alexa calls using either the Alexa app, an Amazon Echo, or an Echo Dot. This, unfortunately, does not include calling phone numbers, like has just become available in the US. After completing the setup process in the Alexa app, customers in the UK and Germany can use their Echo devices to call their contacts who also have Echo devices and who have also set up calling through the Alexa app.


It appears as though the feature is rolling out slowly and not all at ounce, so some UK and German customers still don’t have access to it.

  1. Ark says:

    Nope, not yet… the iOS app still hasn’t been updated.

  2. Michael says:

    Is it? Care to explain how to make it work then?

    Zero research into your story

  3. Mark says:

    Welcome to the world of “fake news” AFTV!

  4. boudyka says:

    Confirmed…option to drop-in and other drop in settings not in IOS app, Nor WebApp nor Android for maybe next week or two perhaps….firmware is right tho, drop in and call are available from the echo but “First register in the Alexa App”….ala not yet

  5. Dave Curran says:

    Nope, nothing here yet…

  6. Baloo247 says:

    I got the latest android apk from the below link and can confirm it works.

    I suspect when the echo show gets released in november is when theyll update the apps through official app stores.

  7. boudyka says:

    Still no……..not in the UK certainly nothing additional with Layla.

  8. Paul says:

    When will this be available nothing on my Alexa app?

  9. Cyg says:

    Sorry…there was an error…

    Echo calling has been a shit show since it launched. I still can’t get echo to echo calling to work right. Don’t have high hopes for this either…

  10. Michael says:

    Still not working in the UK

  11. boudyka says:

    has now available in new IOS app update 2.1.368.0 Tuesday Oct 3rd, allows voice calling and drop in. Have fun!!!

  12. Mark says:

    For iOS it looks like it’s iPhone only, no iPad. I haven’t seen this mentioned before. Can anyone confirm?

  13. Paul Wig says:

    Alexa app has just been updated and I have to tried it.
    So it has now launched here in the uk.
    My ipad app just updated too so it’s now available on android and Apple devices.

  14. James says:

    Mine started working last night after I updated the Android app. I have to say it’s amazing. The ‘drop in’ intercom works exactly how I had hoped so we can talk rather than shout the kids down for dinner etc.

  15. Lisa says:

    It works. Relax, people.

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