Alexa “Skills” will be available on Fire TV devices

Unlike Siri on the upcoming Apple TV, Amazon has opened up Alexa to developers by allowing them to create Alexa Skills. Skills are additional capabilities, created by third-party developers, that expand what Alexa can do. Yesterday, in my Skills overview post, I speculated that Alexa Skills may not be available on the Fire TV. I’ve since been contacted by one of my trusted sources at Amazon, who wishes to remain anonymous, that Alexa on the Fire TV will in fact be expandable through Skills. Users will be able to use the Alexa app for Android or iOS, or the web portal to enable and disable third-party Skills for Alexa on the Fire TV. Skills on the Fire TV will not display informative visual screens, like most of Alexa’s default abilities will. Instead, when interacting with an Alexa Skill, you will simply see the word “Responding…” displayed on your TV, as seen in the image above.

  1. Justin says:

    I probably should have posted this elsewhere but have you heard of alexa working with searching video across multiple sources especially Netflix? I see that apple tv includes Netflix in their search including with Siri and I feel like fire tv really needs to add Netflix and more sources for their videos.

    It’s also the only os feature that roku has that fire tv has been missing. Fire tv has added sources like hulu but really needs to add more.

    • Dave69 says:

      Netflix not being universally searchable is my main gripe with the FireTV.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Alexa will not be used to search video content. That will hopefully come later this year. Video content will still use the same voice-search feature that exists now.

      As for Netflix, I haven’t heard if it will be integrated into the Fire TV’s universal voice search. But I have seen hints that Netflix 4K will be coming to the Fire TV very soon, so hopefully along with Netflix 4K will come integrated Netflix search.

  2. Dave69 says:

    Just another reason to add to my list of why I’ll never own an Apple product.

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