Alexa Skills finally have a home on with new detail pages and store


The number of Alexa Skills have ballooned to well over 4,000 in a very short period of time. You’ve always been able to browse through them in the Alexa App or web portal, but that requires logging in with an Amazon account and is realy tailored towards owners of Alexa-enabled devices. There has never been a public facing page for anyone to browse through, search, and read up on various Alexa skills until now. Thankfully that has finally changed with the launch of Alexa Detail Pages on

Just like with apps in the the Amazon Appstore, you can now easily see all Alexa Skills in one place on Amazon’s website. You can dive in by category, arrival date, and star ratings. Each skill has its own detail page with descriptions, example voice commands, and even the ability to enable skills right from the page. This will really help Alexa Skill developers get their work noticed and should make discovering new skills a lot easier.

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