Alexa routines can now be launched with multiple phrases

Alexa routines have gained a small but useful new feature. When creating an Alexa routine that is launched by a custom phrase, it is now possible to add additional phrases that can launch the same routine. Prior to this change, each routine could only be launched by a single phrase. Now you can add up to 7 different phrases to each Alexa routine. This allows you to add variations of the main phrase, in case you or someone in your household is prone to forget the exact wording needed. It also lets you add some fun alternative phrases without losing the ability to use simpler phrases for launching Alexa routines.

  1. Great news. Thanks for the update.

  2. clarence says:

    I have an ALEXA problem for the community to help me solve.
    Fire HD 10 Tablet 2019.
    Watching Cox Contour app for Live TV or any app video.
    Commercial comes on.
    I say: Alexa MUTE
    Now it MUTES but screen is black with PLAY button.
    I have to hit the PLAY button, video resumes MUTED.
    I say: Alexa UN-MUTE
    It UN-MUTES but screen is black with PLAY button.
    I have to hit the play button, video resumes UN-MUTED.
    ===== NOTE: =============
    Before the last tablet OS update in June. OS
    If I said Alexa MUTE, it muted AND video continued playing uninterrupted. Did NOT have to press any PLAY button.
    If I then said Alexa UN-MUTE, it un-muted and video continued playing un-muted.
    No black screen and PLAY button as it is now.
    Thanks for ANY help.

  3. DeWayne Pulliam says:

    My Fire 8 HD tablets won’t remain in show mode, they both just go back to normal mode on their own, which sucks, because that’s the only reason I purchased them. I don’t use a dock, just a case and I keep them plugged in.

  4. John says:

    Trouble is most of the features stay only in the USA there are so many things that never make it to the UK

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