Alexa on the Amazon Fire TV can now natively control smart home devices


Earlier this week, Alexa gained a powerful new IFTTT trigger that allows Amazon Echo and Fire TV owners to perform actions by setting up custom phrases. This new ability, with IFTTT acting as a mediator, brought smart home device control to the Fire TV for the first time. Now, Amazon has natively added all the connected home device capabilities from the Amazon Echo to the Fire TV. You can now control lights, outlets, and more directly through your Fire TV voice remote.

The Amazon Echo gained the ability to control Philips Hue and Belkin Wemo smart home lights and switches earlier this year. A few months later, support for the Wink Hub was added to the Echo, followed by support for Samsung SmarThings being added shortly after. When the 2nd-gen Fire TV launched with Alexa, support for connected devices was not included. Now that shortcoming has been resolved.

Second generation Fire TV owners, as well as those with the new Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote bundle, can now say “discover my devices” into their voice remote and the Fire TV will find any smart home devices connected to the same network. Once the devices are paired, you can issue all sorts of voice commands to those devices.

Lights can be turned on and off, as well as dimmed with your voice. If you light supports it, you can even change the light’s color. Anything connected to a smart outlet, like the WeMo Switch, can be turned on or off with your voice. The list of devices that can be controlled by Alexa has been steadily growing each month.

First generation Fire TV and non-voice Fire TV Stick owners will gain Alexa, as well as this new smart home control capability, when the Fire OS 5 software update arrives on those devices. Right now, we’re expecting that software update to arrive in January.

  1. Dan says:

    Is Alexa only enabled in the US currently, I tried with IFTTT on my UK box but had no luck?

  2. Laura says:

    It can control lights, thermostat, etc. but still not the tv volume??

  3. Geo says:

    Just tried tried this with AFTV1 with Fire OS 5 beta but doesn’t work :(

  4. Ujn Hunter says:

    The real question is… When will Alexa on the Amazon Echo be able to control my Fire TV… seems like that would have been the first and easiest thing to implement. I’m waiting Amazon.

  5. Bruce Barnes says:

    Could not get AFTV2 to discover with WeMo. This is what Amazon tech support says:

    To use a smart home device with Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to use a cloud-connected service, such as ecobee, Wink, Insteon, and SmartThings. You cannot connect devices to Alexa directly to your Fire TV , including WeMo or Hue devices. However, if you have an Amazon Echo on the same Amazon account, you can then use your Fire TV to control devices that don’t use a cloud-connected service.

    Anyone know the real story?

  6. TonyaNorway says:

    Well if it’s any help, here in Norway my Amazon Echo functions perfectly using Alexa to control my Philips Hue setup, Harmony Hub, Spotify and IFTTA cloud wrks flawlessly. Also the new AFTV2 has a functioning Alexa as well so things like shopping lists are shared between the devices including my smartphone. The only tricky part was loading the Alexa app as it didn’t appera in the European PlayStore, but just downloaded the Alexa .apk file and installed it and all was well.

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