Alexa now supports Scenes for smart home devices


Amazon’s Alexa smart home assistant now has the ability to turn scenes off and on. Scenes allow customers to issue a single voice command that set a predefined configuration to several different smart home devices. Saying “Alexa, turn on bedtime” for example could turn off lights, dim other lights, and set a nighttime temperature on a smart thermostat.

The new support for scenes is similar to the existing groups feature, but it’s distinctly different. For starters, the groups feature can only turn devices on or off, not configure a specific setting. Second, scenes are configured through a device manufacturers app, not through the Alexa app, like you do for groups. So, if you have a smarthome hub, for example, that already supports setting scenes to control multiple devices at once, Alexa can now tap into those scenes and let you extend that control to your voice.

  1. Reflex says:

    It needs to support scenes for Hue. I have a batch of Hue color bulbs and I can’t find any way to change the color by voice, or even call for a given preset scene.

    • Michael Goad says:

      I agree, would love to have Hue support, there are some options out there but I don’t want to do all the coding for the skills

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