Alexa in the UK can now also control TVs and other Audio Video devices — Possibly including the Fire TV

Amazon has announced that UK customers now also have access to Alexa’s recently added ability to control media devices like TVs, remotes, A/V receivers, and IR hubs. This is the extension of the Alexa Smart Home Skill API that allows customers to remotely control Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks using the Echo and Echo Dot.

When Amazon first announced Alexa’s new ability to control media devices, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that the new feature made it possible to control Fire TV devices. While Amazon hasn’t technically announced that Fire TV owners in the UK can now control use Echo devices to control the streaming media players, the feature seems to already be rolling out.

Echo device owners in the UK are already seeing a new Fire TV option in the Alexa app that lets them assign Echo devices to control the Fire TV. The feature may not be fully ready yet because some Alexa controls, like launching apps, don’t seem to work yet in the UK.

  1. Grimm says:

    Thanks for the Post,
    I immediately checked if this is also available in Germany and yes i can see the option in my german device.

    I was waiting for this since the release.

  2. boudyka says:

    not seeing any video skills yet, but blue harmony is back, with red harmony now called harmony secondary hub, can now do both harmony hubs one is turn on tv, the other ask harmony to turn on tv etc….progress I think

  3. Freemz says:

    I got an Alexa app update today, assuming it would have added the video section but it has not, I assume this will roll out in stages?

  4. FireTVNoob says:

    Had it on my account, but on on my wife’s. It worked through my account for about 5 mins. I checked my wife’s Alexa app, and now it’s been removed from mine. (Yesterday)


  5. jbugs says:

    any idea when this feature will be available in india

  6. Andrew says:

    Seems like we’re being mis-advised. Again.

  7. riz says:

    Still no sign of this feature. I’m in the UK… I thought it was already rolling out a month ago? I’ve had an app update since then too… This functionality is still not available.

  8. Paul says:

    Unfortunately, in the UK, the Echo range of devices are a complete disappointment for me. I can’t use them to control the Fire Stick TV in order to start Netflix or any other app, or even find a movie! I also can’t use them to play music from spotify on my sonos system.
    These were the two reasons I wanted the Echo Dot and it has completely failed. Seems to be a case of Amazon hyping a product beyond its capabilities.
    Come on Amazon, get it together or stop advertising products that aren’t ready for the market.

  9. Josh Lewis says:

    Still no sign of this feature in the UK.

  10. Chris F says:

    This is so frustrating, we were told when we bought our Echo Plus that it would control our Fire Tv Stick. Very dissappointing and somewhat bizarre that it can control a huge amount of 3rd party devices but not another amazon device. I feel we have wasted our money.

  11. BanditCat says:

    So annoying! – Come on Amazon, make this actually work for us UK folks. – Buggy is better than nothing!

  12. Tim says:

    Has there been anything official from Amazon re when we’ll actually get this functionality in the UK??

  13. Carl says:

    I had e mail today 26/02/18 from Amazon customer service after query re echo and firestick, they don’t want to speculate!!!

    Echo dot is inferior to Google home mini by a mile..

  14. zubell ali says:

    just connected to my fire tv with my echo dot in uk. working like a charm

  15. Philhilluk says:

    Just worked for me too, I followed these instructions:

    Go to the menu and select Music, Video, & Books.
    Select Fire TV.
    Follow the on-screen instructions.
    Select Link Devices to confirm your selection.

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