Alexa Hunches now alert you of smart home devices that you might have forgot about

Amazon has started rolling out a new optional Alexa feature, called Alexa Hunches, that allows the voice assistant to make suggestions about the current state of your smart home devices. For example, if you say “Good night” and you’ve forgotten to turn off a smart light that is usually off at night, Alexa will alert you and offer to turn the light off. If you say “Set alarm” on your way out and your backdoor smart lock is unlocked, Alexa will let you know.

Alexa will alert you of Hunches after you say certain utterances, such as “Set alarm” or “Good night,” so it’s not something that will sound off on its own out of the blue. You can also say “Alexa, do you have any hunches” to manually trigger Alexa to check the state of your smart home devices. Devices such as plugs, lights, locks, and switches are included in Alexa Hunches.

The new Alexa Hunches feature is rolling out now to customers. Hunches are enabled by default. You can simply ask Alexa if there are any Hunches for you by saying “Alexa, do you have any hunches.” If Alexa doesn’t have Hunches for you yet, stay tuned. You can enable or disable Alexa Hunches by saying “Alexa, enable/disable hunches” or by toggling the feature in the Alexa app. Alexa Hunches are an account-wide setting, so either all of your Alexa devices will be able to suggest hunches or none of them will.

  1. MENTALIST says:

    Hunches? What next, reveries?

  2. Mark says:

    Skynet is becoming self aware…and I’m not kidding.

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