Alexa gains Bloomberg and CNN flash briefing sources on the Echo and Fire TV


Alexa on both the Amazon Echo and newer Fire TVs has gained additional flash briefing sources by way of Bloomberg and CNN. There are two new Bloomberg options: a Bloomberg Featured Interview and a Bloomberg Market Minute news brief. Unlike the other available news recordings, the new CNN option is not an audio recording of a reporter speaking. Instead it’s top CNN news articles read out loud by Alexa. These new news briff options join existing news briefs from NPR, BBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, The Economist, and TMZ.

Alexa’s news brief feature will play/read various daily news reports to give you a brief overview of the latest news stories. The feature is only available on the Amazon Echo and newer Fire TV devices like the 2nd-gen Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote. It will be coming to older Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks early next year. You can configure which sources you want to hear during your news brief through the Alexa app or web portal.

  1. Scott says:

    CNN needs to make a fire tv app. They have an Apple TV app which includes a live stream. I’d like to see this on fire tv.

  2. keith reiss says:

    Where are A N Y conservative choices? AMAZON ALEXA is totally liberal. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  3. Hasbro says:

    Amazon owner Bezos is a total liberal, and socialist. On the Adams level as Soros. He doesn’t want you to hear the truth.
    Vote Trump!

  4. Tom says:

    I WILL NOT recommend amazon alexa to anyone for the blatant liberal bias. Update the flash briefing with at least one conservative viewpoint and I may change my mind!

    • GSD says:

      If you stop being outraged long enough to look at the settings you’ll see lots of options down your alley. But maybe you’d just rather stay mad.

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