Alexa exclusive Prime Day deals are now live with more on their way [Expired]


As mentioned in my overview of Prime Day deal types, there will be exclusive deals that are only available if ordered through Alexa. The first batch of those deals are now live, with more coming on July 12. As I already posted earlier, the $129.99 Amazon Tap is available for $79, a $74.99 Cuisinart Griddle is available for $40, and a $39.98 Dromida Quadcopter is available for $25. You will also get an additional $10 off your first Alexa order between now and Prime Day, making these deals even better.

The Alexa deals page indicates there will be 9 more Alexa exclusive deals coming on Prime Day, July 12. The deal placeholder images are explicitly labeled with indicators of what types of deals they’ll be. There are three “Smart Home” deals, two “Video Game” deals, two “Smart Device” deals, an “Amazon Device” deal, and a “Kitchen Gadget” deal.


Amazon explicitly says these Alexa exclusive deals are for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap owners, with no mention of the Fire TV. That said, it is possible to purchase these Alexa exclusive deals through the Fire TV, but it’s very hit or miss. Of the three active Alexa deals, I’ve been able to get Alexa on the Fire TV to offer me the Amazon Tap deal and quadcopter deal, but it rarely happens.


It appears the Alexa exclusive deals are listed under separate Amazon item numbers than their non-discounted counterparts, so it’s a matter of getting Alexa on the Fire TV to select the discounted listing instead of the standard listing. To improve your chance of getting Alexa on the Fire TV to bring up the discounted item, try alternating your wording by including and remove details from the item name. For example, for the griddler, try saying “order Cuisinart Griddler Red Dials,” and for the quadcopter, try saying “order Dromida Kodo Drone.”


One tip is to have the Alexa app open while asking Alexa to order one of the exclusive deals. If you see the deal appear on the Alexa app, you can add it to your Amazon cart through the Alexa app. Then, when you go to checkout on, the Alexa exclusive discount should still appear.

  1. Steve says:

    Is this working still

    • oppman29 says:

      i was able to add it via the fire tv 1 using alexa however , it wouldnt get the 10 dollar alexa discount or first time discount .

      i cancelled the order right away without issues… also tried using the alexa app and no discount either

  2. Some Guy says:

    Chrome dev tools says that the “Smart Home Deal”s are “Lighting”, “Thermostat”, and “Smart Plug”.

    One “Video Game Deal” is “Video Game Controller” and the other is “Dromida Quadcopter”, but the latter is probably not accurate.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks. Where exactly did you find that info?

      Several of the Alexa exclusive deals have been revealed. The “Amazon Device” is the Fire HD 10 Tablet, the “smart home lighting” is a philips hue starter kit, the “smart plug” is a TP-LINK Wi-Fi plug, and one of the “smart devices” is the TrackR Bravo.

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