Alexa can now remember things that you ask it to remember

Amazon revealed last week that Alexa will soon be gaining several new abilities. One of those new capabilities, which is Alexa’s ability to remember things, is now starting to roll out, according to TechCrunch. Once your Alexa devices receive the update, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to remember dates and other pieces of information and be able to recall them whenever you’d like.

The most basic way to use Alexa’s new memory feature is to have the voice assistant remember important dates. If you say Alexa, remember Joe’s birthday is May 25th,” Alexa will respond by saying “Okay. I will remember that Joe’s birthday is May 25th.” At any point after that, you’ll be able to ask “Alexa, when is Joe’s birthday?” to received back the remembered answer.

Alexa’s memory is not limited to dates. You can basically have it remember almost anything as long as you use the format “Alexa, remember [description of thing to remember] is/in [thing to remember].” Then just use the description to recall the thing to remember. Amazon has given the following as examples of things Alexa can remember:

  • Alexa, remember that my niece’s T-shirt size is a medium.
  • Alexa, make a note that Amy is going to China in October.
  • Alexa, remember that Laura’s dog’s name is Bruno.
  • Alexa, remember that I kept the extra blankets in the attic.
  • Alexa, remember Matthew’s teacher’s name is Ms. Sally.

Whatever you ask Alexa to remember will be linked to your own Amazon account, so you’ll be able to recall the information from any of the Alexa devices registered to your Amazon account. This feature, as well as others that will be released later this year, are part of Amazon’s effort to make Alexa more personal.

  1. Big John says:

    Cool. I can definitely see myself using this to help me remember stuff like where I keep the spare car key. But how do I get Alexa to forget (or stop remembering) something I’ve told it to remember?

  2. Daryl B says:

    Man did I ever need this. I have memory problems this will help

  3. Randy says:

    OK. But now that I have done it, how do I undo it?
    Alexa, Unremember [] is [] ????????

    • Big John says:

      I just had a chat with Alexa support. This is the solution:
      If you’d like to delete only one or some of the information you’ve told Alexa to remember:
      1. Go to the homepage in the Alexa app.
      2. Find the card containing the information you want to delete.
      3. Select “Delete.”
      When you delete the card, Alexa no longer remembers the information.

      I tried this, and it works. There doesn’t appear to be a way to just edit a remembered item. Say I move my spare car key from the china cabinet drawer to my bedroom dresser, I have to delete the first card and remember the new location.

      So my next questions are, how long do Alexa’s cards remain available on the app? And, is there a way to perform a search on the cards?

      • Len Mullen says:

        I wish the Alexa team would hire a product manager. So many half-@ssed skills. Someone needs to collect ideas for skills, collect issues, and FINISH something. Calling and Messaging is such an unfinished skill. Imagine an Alexa ‘party line’ where more than two people could participate in a call? How about relationships not based on a phone’s address book?

  4. Upyla Moopu says:

    I have forgotten what I wanted Alexa to remember for me …..

  5. Itzme says:

    Can our memorized items be looked at in the app? Like s list?

  6. Christian Thomas says:

    I asked alexa to remember movedahouse radio. it’s almost impossible to say and her recall it so i asked her to remember it as a station. how do i get her to recall this station?

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