Alexa can now play music for over 500 activity utterances

Amazon’s Alexa has always been able to identify certain music requests that go along with activities, like asking for music that works well for a dinner party, but now Amazon has greatly expanded Alexa’s ability to understand activities and match them with appropriate music. Amazon doesn’t seem to have provided a complete list, but there are apparently now over 500 “activity utterances” that Alexa understands. These activities include things like music for cooking, sleeping, meditation, and much more. Amazon says Alexa can also provide music for more interesting activities, like music for “hooking up” or “baby making music,” so feel free to get creative with your requests. You can also pair an activity with a genre, like rock music for cooking or classical music to focus, in order to get music tailored closer to your taste. This new ability for Alexa works with Amazon’s Prime Music and Music Unlimited services.

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