Alexa can now play music by similarity, geographic region, recency, and date

Amazon’s Alexa has many different ways for you to request just the right music. Now it has gained a few new advanced music commands that might come in handy. These new commands let you request music similar to other tracks, music that is popular in a particular part of the world, and music that you’ve played in the past but can’t exactly remember.

If you want to hear music that is similar to other music, you can now request it by asking “Alexa, play songs similar to [song / artist].” You can also be more specific by including a mood or era prior to saying the artist’s name. While listening to any song, you can say “Alexa, play more like this” to play songs similar to the one you’re listening to.

To go along with Amazon’s recent expansion of Echo devices and Music Unlimited around the world, you can now request to hear popular songs by region. Just say “Alexa, play the top songs in [region]” and you’ll hear music that’s on the top of the charts in other countries.

If you’re not looking to find new music to listen to but aren’t sure what to listen to, you can now ask “Alexa, play some [songs / albums] I haven’t heard in a while.” If you want to be a bit more specific but still want to hear something you haven’t heard recently, you can say “Alexa, play some [artist / genre] I haven’t heard in a while.” You can also request stations and playlists that you haven’t heard recently.

Lastly, you can now be very specific about recalling music you’ve heard in the past. If you were listening to something you enjoyed the other day but don’t know the song names or artists, you can say “Alexa, play the songs I heard [yesterday / last night].” If you know the exact date that you were listening to the forgot songs, you can say the exact date instead of saying yesterday or last night.

These new recall commands don’t just work on songs, but also work for artists, genres, stations, and playlists. You can say “Alexa, play the [artist / genre / station / playlist] I was listening to on [day]” to bring up specific music from the past that you may not be able to recall any other way.

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  1. Tampa8 says:

    Wow this is a nice advancement. Here is the first time I heard about this.

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