Alexa can now notify you when your favorite artist releases new music

Alexa has a new feature that lets you follow music artists. Doing so will result in your Echo devices letting you know when that artist releases something new. The alerts come in as standard Alexa notification, which means your Echo’s LED light ring will light up yellow and you’ll need to say “Alexa, what did I miss” or “Alexa, read my notifications” to hear the message. To follow or unfollow an artist, simply say “Alexa, follow/unfollow [artist name].” You can also follow and unfollow artists by visiting their page in the Amazon Music mobile app or web player.

  1. Big John says:

    This is great if they can get it to work right and keep it working. Rhapsody did it then dropped it. Spotify used to do it then stopped it.

    A couple of questions. Can Alexa tell me which artists I’m following? Seeing a list in the Alexa app would be ideal, but I’d settle for a verbal listing from an Alexa device.

    Any way to ask Alexa for the latest album by a followed artist?

    • Big John says:

      I did a little bit of experimenting and found it’s quite simple to find the latest album by an artist. Ask Alexa “what’s the latest album by [xxx]”.

      I still would like to see a list of all the artists that Alexa recognizes that I’m following. Over the last 2 days I’ve added about 200 artist. I’d like to make sure Alexa is ready to notify me of new releases by any of them. Maybe I’ll just have to wait until one of them releases a new album and see if this notification service really wors.

  2. Big John says:

    Just asked Alexa “what was [xxx’s] latest album?”

    Still searching for a list of artists I’m following.

  3. Lewis J. says:

    Pretty cool feature.

  4. Michael Mantion says:

    That is pretty stupid, I am pissed.. Why would they do this. I have been getting stupid notifications all day that I DO NOT WANT.

    Every day for the last year alexa/echo line has gotten worse and wors.

    I have 12 echo dots 2 shows 2 flexes 4 fire tv and 3 fire sticks, alexa glasses, alexa recast, an alexa LG8 and other alexa products

    I used to be a huge fan of Alexa product now I feel like I am ripped off.


  5. Craig Pell says:

    WTF alexa has just said the artist you are following bla bla bla….I don’t even know who this artist is I’ve never followed anyone there name is Peter xan and alexa won’t recognise their last name so I can’t unfollow them are they on the app so I can physically delete their ass of my alexa

  6. Ryan says:

    Received a notification from Alexa suggesting an author and then asked me if I would like to follow said author. I said no, it said “now following *author’s name*.” I said “unfollow *author’s name.” It said “hmm, I don’t know that one.”

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