Alexa can now move playing music from one device to another

Amazon has added the ability to move music playing on one Alexa device to another. Simply say “Alexa, move my music to [Destiniation Device Name]” stop the music that is playing and start it up on the destination device. Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, pause” to the device that is playing music and then say “Alexa, resume music here” to the device that you want to pick up music playback. This also works on Echo Buds and Echo Auto if you want to switch from listening at home to your on-the-go devices. The capability isn’t limited to music, as you can move and resume podcasts and radio stations as well. Just use commands like “Alexa, move my podcast…” or “Alexa, resume radio…” when relevant.

  1. Brantome says:

    Wonder how that works if you have the family plan and several streams playing?

    • Brantome says:

      Just tried it and it seems to move the most recently requested stream, so maybe something a multi user environment will need to be wary of.

  2. Brantome says:

    And if it also works for multiroom music groups e.g. move the stream from a device to a group and vice versa?

  3. Amber Blecker says:

    What about going from Alexa-enabled headphones such as Bose or Sony to an Alexa device (Echo or dot or auto)?

    • Brantome says:

      I would doubt that tbh – in my experience, Amazon have tended to release these features first for their own services and devices (for example, multi room came later for Spotify than it did for amazon music, and third party devices as preferred speakers later than echos), so I wouldn’t hold my breath for third party device support for this for some time.

    • letour_001 says:

      If it is an Alexa command from headphones to ‘move’ to an Amazon device (Echo), it may be supported. Going from an Echo device to a non-Amazon device might not be supported initially.

  4. Adam says:

    Make no mistake, this is a absolutely a nice feature, but I will be actually impressed when they bring about the capability to move music from one Amazon Music device to another.

    As example, throughout the day as I sit at my work computer I have classical music playing over the Amazon Music web app (because Linux) through the 2.1 sound system on my personal PC behind me. When the workday ends and I rise to do household tasks, I switch to (louder) more contemporary music. Depending on the task at hand, I might want to to really jam whereupon I fire up the Amazon Music app on my entertainment center’s media player that is powering my more formidable 5.1 sound system. Then when I go upstairs, I might choose to use the bedroom based Echo to provide background music as I continue to clean or whatever.

    All of these use the same Amazon music account on the same local network, which means it should be easy to provide continuity of the content being provided by Amazon over the single account. Maybe this is a step in that direction.

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