Alexa can now give recaps and stats for NBA and NHL games and players

Giving sports scores has been a feature of Alexa for as long as the voice assistant has been available, but Amazon has now expanded its sports knowledge with the new ability to recap games and give individual player stats, according to Engadget. If you ask “Alexa, recap the [team name] game” for an NBA or NHL team, you’ll receive a recap of the last game played. An NBA recap, for example, will provide the final score and tell you which players scored the most points, got the most rebounds, and gave the most assists with specific values for each stat. Alexa is also better with playoff games, so you can ask “Alexa, when are the next [league] playoff games?” to hear about upcoming postseason season games. You can also ask how a specific player is doing in the playoffs, by asking “Alexa, how many points/goals has [player name] scored in the playoffs?,” and other specific sports quieries.

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