Alexa can now control Roku media players and TVs

Roku has released an Alexa skill that allows customers to control Roku media players and Roku TVs with their voice through an Alexa device, like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. The skill allows you to control media playback, launch channels, and search. Roku TV owners will additionally be able to use the skill to power on/off the TV, change the volume, change channels, and switch inputs.

To use the Roku Alexa skill, you’ll need to link it to your Roku account from within the Alexa app. Once set up, you’ll be able to issue voice commands to Alexa by appending “…on Roku” to the end of the command. You can find example Alexa commands to use on Roku’s support page.

Support for Alexa is available to Roku devices running Roku OS 8.1 or higher. It seems like there are a few kinks for Roku to work out, since the skill currently has a 2-star rating from over 100 reviewers already. Over half of the reviewers have given the skill a 1-star rating.

  1. Scott Lewis says:

    Unfortunately, it’s only useful if you’re not a heavy user of Roku. You can only link the skill to one device, so if you standardized on Roku in your house, you’re out of luck. When I had Dish network you could pair individual Alexa devices to specific Dish STBs, a much better solution. I believe TiVo does that as well.

  2. Frank Nitty says:

    Meh… defeats the purpose of buying a Roku in the first place

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