Alexa can now be used in-game to control PC and Xbox gameplay — No Echo Necessary

Amazon has just announced Alexa Game Control at the Gamescom gaming convention, which allows PC and Xbox gamers to perform various in-game actions by voice. To use it, you won’t need to say “Alexa…” or even have an Alexa device, like an Echo, because it works by just directly speaking into any gaming mic or headset.

The first game to use Alexa Game Control will be the upcoming release of Dead Island 2 on February 3, 2023 with more games to follow. Amazon says players will be able to speak to “interact with zombies, change weapons, navigate the world of Hell-A, enter fury mode during combat, and more.” The game will also allow you to set waypoints by voice and even goad zombies. This new voice control feature can be configured to work via a push-to-talk button, so that talking to friends doesn’t accidentally get interpreted as a game command, or a mode called Voice Activity where the game tries to detect the portions of gameplay where one would use voice commands.

Amazon imagines Alexa Game Control being used to talk to NPCs, swap weapons, issue commands to virtual teammates, and more. Amazon says the possibilities are endless. In addition to the voice commands that the game developer makes possible, it really is Alexa behind it all since you can still issue standard Alexa commands, like controlling your smart home devices, setting timers, and accessing Alexa skills, all through the gaming mic without the need of an external Alexa device.

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  1. James says:

    I wonder what the privacy policy for that will be and if we can opt out. I definitely trust Amazon not not run in the background and listen to everything I say on my PC even when I’m not using the game (wink). Also I completely trust “push to talk”. Amazon is a good company and would never continually listen in no matter what setting we set.

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