Alexa can now be set to only access your calendar if it recognizes your voice

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant can alter its responses to certain requests if it’s able to identify the speaker as a person it recognizes. One of those alterations is only allowing shopping orders to be placed by recognized voices. Amazon has now expanded that capability to include restricting access to your calendar if the person making the request is not recognized.

You can now go into the Alexa app and add calendar voice restrictions. Under the Calendar section of the Settings area in the app, select a calendar you’ve already configured and you’ll find the new voice restriction options at the bottom.

The new options allow you to have Alexa read off your calendar events only if your own voice is recognized. They also extend to adding new events. Alternately, you can set the setting to allow access to your calendar if any enrolled voice on your account is recognized, not just your own. The default option is to not have any voice restrictions, which is the way it has been up until now.

The voice restrictions you set will apply to all of the Alexa devices registered to your Amazon account and cannot be set on a per device basis. Amazon’s voice recognition is easily fooled, so these new restriction options should not be thought of in the same way you think of passwords. They should just be used as an extra layer of convenience.

  1. Matt says:

    Hi, I don’t see the ability to add calendar voice restrictions in the app. Is there a way to have voice-specific calendars? For example, when my roommate asks “What am I doing tomorrow?”, Alexa should not respond with MY events.


  2. Tony says:

    I can’t turn off voice restrictions

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