Alexa and Echo devices coming to Spain and Italy later this year

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Echo devices are continuing their global expansion. The lineup just debuted in France earlier this month, and now Amazon has announced that Spain and Italy are the next countries to get Alexa and Echo devices. Alexa’s arrival in Spain is significant because it means Alexa will speak Spanish for the first time, which is among the most popular languages in the world. Amazon is opening Alexa to developers in Spain and Italy now and will release the voice assistant and devices in those countries later this year. With the addition of Spain and Italy, Alexa will be available in 12 countries, which include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

  1. Angel Reyes says:

    Finally… Spanish took way to long to come out.

  2. Doctor D says:

    Unfortunately, Some countries in South and Central America conjugate the verbs completely different than Spaniards– for example, using “Vos sos” instead of “Tu eres” for “you are” Which completely changes verb conjugation…There is also the Spaniard’s fascination with adding a “th” sounds for the “s’ Sound and pronouncing the “J” like if Spanish was Arabic … I have a feeling that most of us with a Spanish accent from the Americas wouldn’t be understood correctly…unless we fake the Spaniard accent… hopefully I’m wrong!

  3. Claudio Sergiacomo says:

    Very good point and language knowledge. I hopw they launch a beta program for latin américa cause there are lots of different names for things in the latin region, for example: Corn is Maiz in spanish but in some countries in latinamerica is Choclo, the Avocado is Aguacate in spanish and also Palta in some other countries…. so Alexa in latinamerican spanish needs a whole lot more words to learn than the spanish from spain

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